Operation Lipid Attack

Once in a while this happens to me. Its really a roller coaster battle really. The funny thing is that it took a round of discussion over my favourite laksa with freinds to make me go through this once more. It also took a fellow blogger, Agus, and his successful story of losing 20 kg in 3 months! Actually I had a few trials and even started this blog in 360 Yahoo to help me track my progress in losing the extra extra spare tyres.

But its more about health really as I have been feeling pretty sick lately. Not that I became sick but when there is something not in balance the body does send little signals. Thus, here I am again, strategising and drawing out another Health Plan.

Makan all night long - I will use this latest picture as the BEFORE picture for my ongoing Operation Lipid Attack

The first target is to lose weight. Some people say that my current frame size is okay, but as I had mentioned, I don't really feel okay. And when something hits you from the inside you would be grounded. A blogger friend of mine Uchukeling can attest to that in his previous healthblog. He landed in the hospital sometimes last year due these signals. My blood tests revealed some worrying results especially in the cholesterol and uric acid level. My friend joked with me to continue enjoying the food before the age of 40. Meaning to say I can stuff in all I can before I reach 40? That means I have about three years to go in gobbling up the forbidden food? Another recommended that I take some supplementary (health) food. Those Multi Level Marketing (MLM) products like Elken, CNI, Sunrider, Cosway etc cost a bomb......in fact I believe a bomb is cheaper to make. So the usual tagline from these MLM marketeers will be "Which one do you want? Money or health?" That is an interesting choice - so if you don't have money, you won't be healthy......in the pocket that is.

Anyway, if I pay up for all those products I believe I would depart from this world a healthier soul because I do not need the money in the spiritual world. Gosh - I can be a good MLM salesperson if I do that sales pitch. Problem is the MLM Marketeers will go to their very best to tell you why their product is better than their rival's. Potential customers like me get confused. So I guess its no supplementaries for me unless these Health Food wierdos want to sponsor my Operation Lipid, then, you are welcome to do so. But as it is now, my first month of take off (probably in April 2006) will be to concentrate on a low Carbo, low Sugar, high fruits and veggie intake and take in the cheaper proven vitamin as supplements. I did that last time and managed to shed of 3 kilos in a month.

Hopefully my AFTER picture may look like this :) me in dark brown pants some 20 years ago in Taiping, Perak. Anyway I had help - the hostel food at that time was so lousy so I was underweight most of the time.

What is my target? I hope to shed at least 6kg in 2 months which I believe is a moderate target considering the various dinner functions I have to attend (and it should be before Gawai). During Gawai in June 2006 I would have to maintain that level (considering that the food during Gawai is always very tempting).

A cheaper investment: RM20 for the book - my favourite phrase from Dr. Nordin Darus: Eat and Be Happy!

In the long run - maybe at the end of the year I hope to achieve something with the cholestrol and uric acid level. If i don't end up like the picture above, another source of inspiration which I will use as a target will be my Dad though I do not know is I can ever reach his level - but let's give it a try and focus on the 6kg loss shall we?

The Vision: Picture of Dad during the Mr. Sarawak Contest in 1963 and he still looks tough now

So wish me luck - I need it :) again......


Borneoguy.com said…
good luck sir for ur project ... never knew ur dad was an ex bodybuilder ... wow ...
Unknown said…
Wow. Your dad is very impressive. Btw, I love old photos.

There's something magical about them.
Anonymous said…
Now i remembered my mom did say sumthing about uncle being a bodybuilder. Alah amat anak iya...
Miriguy said…
wow.. I am impress with ur dad. lol. nice abs :)
miracle8 said…
Wow~your dad is the man!
Good luck with your weight loss plan Des, Im trying to do the same myself.
Food is unfortunately my vice so I have to jog it off as and when I can make it.
Chris Anakapai said…
Hummmm... high cholesterol and uric acid level seems to plague our family.maybe it's the genes.dad is currently under medication to lower his cholesterol and he's trying to control his uric acid also..

Good luck on the healthy diet and exercise also to supplement ur health plan. Don't worry about missing the laksa, I will 'nyangkung' you for sure. :)

btw, My dad suba Mr.Rajang 1971. Yup, bodybuilder also just like his uncle I guess. Sadly, my two brothers only build stomachs. Tambah besai perut ada la ;p
Thanks for the words of encouragement - I am struggling to get over Day 1. If I can succeed, day 2 will be a bit easier :)