Kuching International Airport

KIA - The Golden Touch

I happened to be at the Kuching International Airport at night and remembered that I was a blogger. So I took up some snapshots just to see if my camera can capture the glory of Kuching International Airport. I have not really used the night shot feature and I did not bring any tripod. So far it came out okay. I am sure Wilson will get some better shots after this :)

If your aircraft is parked at the end its a long walk.

The entrance front view

Entrance close up

Departure Hall Level (Front)

Arrival Hall Level (Front)

Departure Hall Level

Counters in A for Malaysia Airlines

Counters B for Air Asia and other airlines

So far that is all the normal visitor's eyes can see or percieve what the airport is all about. Maybe I will ge more when i go travelling. KIA is acknowledged as the second most busiest airport in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Its current upgrading and expansion is quite impressive and expensive. It does seem to be bathed in gold rays of lights. So for those who are living near the airport, be prepared for the wonderful sounds of large aircrafts and heavier traffic on the roads.


Miriguy said…
wow. It's been a year when I last used KIA :) Miss it so much
Rentap said…
Pia meh kaban. Anang lembau bejalai ngiga topic for ur blog. Aku di Kuching last year in August tang airport maia nya benong upgrade. Looks impressive.
Coconut Ice said…
eh dah buka kah airport ya? dolok still under constuction..hv to walk in this makeshift alley..

the lights look a bit blinding :P
Coconut Ice said…
looks exactly like KLIA..minus the yellows :P
sabahscout said…
Hi Desmond. Interesting site. Tariq from KK here. How are you? Sorry to say but I think KKIA is the second busiest airport in Malaysia after KLIA and third place actually goes to Miri unless if you talk about number of passengers than Kuching comes third. Just my two cents.
Fairul said…
hi there..nice coverage of the airport..
actually KIA is the 4 busiest airport in terms of aircrafts movements..the reason why Miri rank above KIA is that Miri is the hub for the rural air service..but nevetheless..KIA is still the main hub for Sarawak...

once everything is complete..the size area of the KIA's terminal will be 45,000sqm..
but the new redevelopment of KKIA..will turn the airport to the second biggest airport with the terminal area of 75,000sqm..