Tattoo Iban Design

Fancy an Artistic Touch On Your Body? Ever wondered whether its painful or not? That's right.... Here are some photos of an Iban design being put on a willing customer. I dropped by at Ernesto of the Borneoheadhunter and saw that an 'operation tattoo' was going on. Being a blogger, I began clicking away.

Before & After on the two sides

That surrounding skin looks painfully red and angry

The instruments used looked like the dentist's wares at first but on a closer look one will notice the equipment consists of sharp ends (one has a fine tip for a sharper job while the other had a wider tip for covering a larger surface) which goes up and down in high speed depending on the amount of electricity you use. The Dettol tube comes in handy for unintentional cuts... yikes! The black bottle consist of the color dye/paint used.

Sterilizing the equipments, towels and tissues

Okay let's begin - concentrating on the outline first

So far so good

Cutting into the fine part

Blood coming out - ouch!

Sufficient lighting, good concentration and lying down very still is important

Its quite painful - the earlier job covered in tissue is still bleeding

Almost the final part - its gonna be a relieve after its done (final part in video)

Tidying up after the work

Getting the two to dry for 30 minutes each - cover with plastic

The final job is caught on video - have you got what it takes to go through this Fear Factor?


Coconut Ice said…
ouch...looks very painful :|

am thinking of getting a small on my chest, but worried it'll hurt as hell
Wilson Chin said…
PAIN~~FUL LA~~~~~i saw my friend tattoo one on his shouder. n i plan to get one myself, but after seeing the process, hm~~i think i'll pass la :P
Miriguy said…
I am no way interested in getting tattoo-ed. So scary. Argh!! Lol.
miracle8 said…
I don't even have my ears pierced... let alone a tattoo. Scared of blood more than the pain itself... yikes.
this is the Sarawakian Fear Factor. :P
gus said…
Urgh, pedih amat nya wai! No nuts no glory they say. I'm perfectly okay with no nuts, thank you very nuts.
Hey, I tot ethnic tatoos were featured on Discovery Channel 50 a few weeks ago.

Cool ler, getting one but then I takut sakit. said…
last week i went for a tattoo at kuching ... sakit? u bet ... went to cover up my old tattoo ...
Gette said…
It took 6 hours to get mine done, but I opted for traditional handwork rather than the scary tattoo machine.

It didn't hurt most of the time. Only when he switched over to a smaller needle for the fine work, and when he was tattooing over my spine. There wasn't any blood, but bleeding is more common with machinework.

Actually I was more bored than in pain. :-)
Apai Salleh said…
Been there, done that

I am planning to go to Kapit, to finish off some more of my tattoos.

How is the social scene at Kuching??
Coco: Isn't the picture of ur profile of a tattoo at ur back?

Wilson: A small rose can la...hehe

Miriguy:The fear factor challenge, if someone gives u a million ringgit?

miracle8: I thought i saw someone like you yesterday...

agus: that's the modern method, imagine those who used the traditional way last time

Dunstan: How did u cover up the old tattoo?

DG:Yes - I was told and i hope they do a repeat of the show I missed

Gette and Apai Salleh: Can i feature ur tattoos here? said…
put another design on it ... japanese yakuza design @ carp fish