DDJ 25 Jun , 2017

Welcome to DDJ

Ever since Sarawak embarked on the Digital Economy it has been been an whirlwind experience. Never in my years of service with the Sarawak Civil Service have I seen a sharp rise in involvement by the top management to grasp the knowledge about the significance of the internet of things and digital economy.

Thanks yo the resilience of our present Right Honourable Chief Minister who has persistently pursued his dream of putting Sarawak on the competitive edge of the latest technology. Its interesting to note that the initiatives that has been listed out during the International Digital Economy Conference (IDECS) 2017 earlier this year is being implemented at various stages in the different agencies that matter.

This new blog of mine will be about a simple man’s journey along this digital road map that is being constructed. There will be many potholes to watch out for as the State of Sarawak has a catch up plan to determine its own destiny and ensure all its people benefit will stand tall together in the increasingly borderless world.

Are We There Yet?

The writings here will not be technologically inclined but more to some one jotting about the scenery  along the highway, which means most of the contents will be photo and video based. Rightly so because this site, like the author himself, will grow together with the mechanics of the digital economy riding on the availability and quality of  connectivity. So we are not quite there yet, but we bring it to ourselves to build this dream to become a reality.