FCUK vs F****in

I was FCUK ed!

I have to thank Francis of Kuching Kayaking for explaining in detail what FCUK stands for. I thought that people were trying to justify putting the 'F' word on a T-shirt and sell it as a brand name. I never realised it was already a brand name by itself. It has its own website pointing to French Connection there two websites associated with one as fcuk.com and the other frenchconnection.com).

In fact being not fashion concious can be very embarassing. This was not the first time I came across the 'F' brand and I never gave much thought about it after my first encounter. I have an online Internet gamer lady friend who is in my Fear Knights (my favourite online game) team. She sent me a photo shoot of herself modelling for the local FHM Magazine wearing that 'F' T-shirt a few years back. Initially, I could not help but adviced her on why she should not be wearing that kind of T-shirt. But instead I got an hour's lecture on fashion and what the latest trend in lady wear is. I could not help apologising to her for my lack of awareness in fashion - for me I hang out in the normal Indonesian imported attire which I can get easily at our local Te Kong shop :) Even if I buy gifts for my wife, I stick to perfumes (eew the toilet brands) as its always safer that way, while I stick with Rexona.

Lady Fear Knight - our most feared Elfen Sorcerer in my Kingdom in our online game :)

Now going back to the local front - maybe the FCUK scene may not be so appealing to most people who are in the 35 (particularly Malaysians) and above age brackett, or neither do any good thinking parents would want their children to be overly fashion concious. Being a government servant like myself, it would be a disaster if I go around parading that 't shirt' just to show how fashion concious I am. But I would have to salute the people in my home town Sibu for making things a bit easier for me...and that is to develop a 'Sarawak F brand' and see if it will sell on a T shirt.

You have 39 Units ALONE Jalan Teku (well the brochures said it) ....so i guess it means you get some privacy while you are up and about in F****in Garden?

I will see if I can negotiate with the local entrepreneurs to design and make 'Fockhin' an International brand name which I can proudly display when I walk around in Kuching City or any towns in Malaysia for that matter. Maybe I will start with the 'F***in garden residents first. If I had any extra money, I do not mind owning a piece of property here too. I can tell people to come to my 'F***in' Garden.

Great stuff Sibu developers!! I have to salute you all for your creativity. I would love to have a look at the future development of this area - hopefully there will be a Phase 1 and Phase 2 as the population there grows :)


Francis Ho said…
I've got the feelin' that u'd that housing brochure for a while and waitin' for the right moment/opportunity to blog it! And it's a good one.

Wah! Online lady gamer model friend - I'll be banished to offline forever if someone finds out!

Have a nice weekend!
gus said…
My parents bought a house in Pin Fook Garden, Miri. Although we are originally from kuching, I've lived there since I was 8 or 9. I must say it's fookin' nice to be home every time I'm in Miri for a break or meeting.
Adrian said…
try wad? update me bout the next kuching blog meeting.. (how often does this occur?)
Apai Salleh said…
I now have reasons to join that online gaming community.

Nama brita ba Kuching dia ???
Apai Salleh said…

When you have the time, grateful for your advise on the online gaming community, I might challenge Fearknight hehehehe
Uchu Keling said…
I thought online gamers are nerd!! Ghee.. now I am switching to it..
haha, can't help myself but laugh regarding Fockhin garden!!

Sure lah that FCUK is a play on the F word .. I remember reading about some people who weren't too happy about the play on the word when the clothing label first came out. We know what those letters are supposed to mean.

Can you read this?

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Borneoguy.com said…
haha nice one you got there puteri ...

wei ... any one of you here play darkthrone? As in darkthrone.com?
fh20: Francis - if i do make money from the F***in brand I will share it with u

sixthseal: Hehehe..thanks for dropping by, keep up the info on Sibu!

agus: That garden u stay in, don't tell it to the British, it sounds the way the Brits say it.

adrian: I will answe in ur blog

Apai Salleh: I though you are on one month's leave from the Internet.

UK: You would be surprised about how nice they turn out to be - its always opposite of nerdy :) its nerd guys like me that don get lucky

Puteri: Amia ko nuna nyak....uji kitai ka berjako Iban stail nya dikumbai uhang tuyok wai :)

Dunstan: How fast is ur connection there? Maybe we can playDawn of War :)
DC said…
Hahahaha...couldn't stop laughing at Fockhin Garden!! There are some classic names given for development projects around Sarawak..makes you wonder just how much thought was given when coming up with the names in the first place!