Eastern Times

ET is Here!

You mean the alien? No I mean the newspaper. The event was launched by the Sarawak Chief Minister at Crowne Plaza.

Waiting for the first edition to come out of the printing machine.

The launching ceremony

The first edition - its for our Chief Minister

The VViPs - The CM was going around the stalls taking Laksa Sarawak, Cendol with the other guests leaving the VViPs at the high table. It was quite nice of him as he greeted almost everyone in the hall. Leadership by example Pehin Sri! I hope the other VViPs who chose to stay at their table that night emulates him.

Ladies that caught my attention so I did my own mingling around :)
The Great Temptation! The food that night threatened my diet plan

The entertainment - sounds like the real Elvis!
So how is the diet plan getting along? If the CM can take all kinds of food during the function, I am tempted to follow.

Operation Lipid Attack: Day 1

So did I falter on Day One of my intended Operation Lipid Attack? The food at the ET Launch was - very very temptatousily delicous. The lamb meat, roti canai. roasted chicken, fried rice, kueh teow, Sarawak Laksa, etc etc. Then I thought about my goal. I could have said that its not April yet and I have a few days before my diet plan starts. But I guess my dad would not be too happy with that if he knew (and he reads my blog). He has asked me several times to go for a Stress Test (ECG) for these once in a while chest pain that comes and go. So when the function ended I am proud to say that I managed to stick to my diet program. All I took was a slice of roasted lamb leg and a glass of water.

Let's see if there is anything in there for me to embark on in Sarawak's Record book

In one of the page - something that I would not be able to achieve

Dad: Still the man to beat in the family

Don't forget to get the first copy of ET Today! I wish them all the luck for the vision of going to the Sabah and Peninsular Market in 6 months from now. For now I have my own battles to fight.


Anonymous said…
ya know, funny that yesterday I was wondering about those ppl who used to work at the Swak Tribune.I thought about those poor ppl who lost their job, will they find a job to support their family? I assume ET call home...
Rentap said…
Bro, its good if you want to start OPs Lipid. For me, life is short so live it to the fullest. I smoke, i drink, bungee jump, base jumping, roller coaster riding, drive those insanely fast cars or even parachuting down an airplane if i can.If my time on earth is up, so be it.

Since u got kids, pour all u got on them and no holds barred.Protect them all u can even after u r not around anymore. Thats love, man.
Borneoguy.com said…
check the pics at http://photobucket.com/albums/a286/CorollaGT ... i can't type it at chatterbox ...
That easy kah to get another news publication permit? What ministry gives out such permits?

Aiyah you should have gone for all the meats! Just switch for a day to the high protein low carb diet, and you would have been fine! :-)