My Cousin Mag

The sound of my handphone SMS alert must have woken me up early this morning. I guess I knew who it was as I had expected it. My cousin Mag, who had just moved to join her husband in Austin Texas, USA, two weeks ago had just sent me a message. I had been given the task to find out how to get her 'connected' with her family here in Sarawak. First and foremost I have to thank Pierce for providing free Short Messaging Service (SMS) at his blog Kuchingfest.Com. 'It works!' (all she had to do was go to the website and SMS away to all her Celcom and Maxis (013, 019, 017, 012 - but no Didi 016 at the moment) contacts and it helps to connect her friends and relative here in Kuching while she adjusts herself in the States.

The moment she arrived there, the Internet was available, so things were quite easy - she even got to down to starting her own blog named semampai sayau. Not bad for a starter. Congratulations cousin! I am sure my blog buddies will cheer you on - just be patient about it.

Cousin Mag in Orang Ulu costume

Walking in the Bario Highlands - a place that Mag should introduce to all Texans

Mag and her friends in Air Asia. Well since Air Asia has taken over the non vital domestic routes in Sarawak, so knowing how friendly Mag's friends are in Air Asia, I surrender myself to them :) Don't worry Mag, while you are in the States, I will keep them company.

One thing I forgot to mention about Mag. She is the daughter to an Iban legendary singer during the 70s, Uncle Antonio Jawi. He still records the old songs and I believe it featured Mag in one of the VCDs. However I still have to get Mag's permission to put the clips in the Internet - maybe a short one Mag? Please.....?

Farewell Get Together

We had a farewell get together before she left for the States - I should have blogged about it earlier but I had a pretty good hangover after the party that I forgot to download the photos. So here are the memory shots :)

The drinks were aplenty at the party - I did not know which one was the source of my headache. I tried all actually - I must go back to Mag's place and try those drinks one by one agaim to trace which one gave me that hangover.

Mag's drinking style caught my attention. She was destined to go to Texas as she takes a double shot of those 'farewell drinks'. The way she holds the two glasses are similiar to the pose of the Texan cowboys

Need I elaborate more?

The gentle drinkers at the party (tasting soft drink commercial approach)

The eleventh commandment prophet - Thous Shalth Empty Thy Glass! and the pleading 'please I don't want any more drinks' posture.

Another interesting 'I do not want any drinks' posture: The Ultra Man stand off- hoping that some powerful energy ray will deflect away those drinks from her.

The warrior drinkers - anything goes in. These guys will tell you to give them everything you have got! These band of warriors are the most feared during Gawai visits. Most hosts would be afraid that there would not be enough drinks to serve.

A few glasses is fun - you would be able to trigger the Jacqueline Victor part in you whereby singing the 'Gemilang' song becomes so easy

To much of the drinks anyway would mean a visit to the nearest plants around the house

So you may ask 'What is the best 'bottoms up' or 'Yamseng' or 'Ooohaa' drinking posture?'. Being a veteran drinker, I may just have an answer and that is - if you have to swallow that 'stuff', swallow it in style. Here, allow me and my friend to illustrate:

The fashionable drinkers: In this photo I am actually posing for Nike and displaying their spirit of 'Just Do It!' while my friend is promoting Ayamas barbecue chicken and Orangebon Beer.

So, what is your drinking style? If you need the services of fashionable drinkers in your parties and functions, we will be happy to oblige as long as the drinks are free. You know my email. And of course as long as Mag don't hit me on the head for this blog post :)


Apu, bendar bala kita ngirup maya rami "farewell" ka Mag! Heheh, pama endar Mag peda aku!

Don't worry, Desmond, I am here, to guide Mag through the intricacies of adjusting to life in the States. Summer in my part of California is similar to that in Texas! Blazing hot! Heheh.

I called her today and we had a good loyar buruk in Iban. Always happy to speak to another Iban in this country!
Wow man... this is madness!