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NNN The End Game

Nadai Nama Nama Returns

Lights Camera Action! Its 2019 Ladies and Gentlemen, Nadai Nama Nama blog is back with another set of adventure.If you have not read the Welcome page on top of the blog, please do. We are here to enjoy ourselves with our regular stars after I started blogging ten years ago. And boy, things have changed, I think its time to reflect on what has happened to the subject matters that I have blogged about many moons ago. The exciting thing about this blog is that it will be about everyday living. Things that we go through together, in life, at work, here and everywhere, places where I have been and maybe where I will be. Many things have taken place since I stopped blogging. Half of the Avengers died in Infinity War. Captain Marvel is on her way to the silver screen maybe to save the world. In fact the world almost got destroyed many times. Which is why I believe the Nadai Nama Nama brand cannot just whimper into cyberspace after a blistering journey. This time the story teller is be

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