Sabah PAC & Jerry

Sabah Public Accounts Committee

The Sabah Public Accounts Committee paid us a visit today. As we had to prepare a presentation on the State's latest economics standing it was all helter skelter as I was responsible for the briefing presentation's slide shows. I had spent the whole month experimenting with Flash and Swish and also Windows Movie Maker - trying to make the presentation look alive. Previously it was all Powerpoint - too wordy and too many figures and pictures. As there were so many files and graphs it was quite tedious as and I was quite worried that my two computers would crash (too softwares running at the same time that the 'Low Virtual Memory' message came popping up sometimes).

One thing I have learnt since my University days was never do things the last minute, but hey, when does any of us have the time that is not 'the last minute?' So last minutes deadlines are part and parcel of the job.

Members of the Sabah Public Account Committee who dropped by for the brieifing were:
YB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Lajim Haji Ukin (N.25 Klias) - Chairman
YB Datuk Louis Rampas (N.11 Kiulu)
YB Datuk Haji Zakaria Edris (N.41 Gum Gum)
YB Datuk John O.T Ghani (N.26 Kuala Penyu)
YB Juni @ Johnny Intang (N.47 Kuamut)
Mr. Bernard Joseph Dalinting (Sabah DUN Secretary)
Ngu Kee Leong (Sabah State Audit)

With Mr. Ngu Kee Leong from Sabah Audit Department and Joseph Dalinting (Sabah DUN Secretary)

One of the pleasant surprise of the visit was that the Sabah State Auditor's Office was represented by a Sibu boy (he informed us that he was a former Catholic High student. Anyway he is in Sabah now so it just shows how adventurous Sibu people are....hehehehe...

From left: YB Datuk Haji Zakaria Edris, YB Datuk John O.T Ghani and YB Datuk Louis Rampas

Its also good to know that YB Datuk John O.T Ghani is related in a way though I was unable to answer him confidently who I know in Sabah, (as my father-in-law's side are mostly from Kuala Penyu) and I have not paid them a visit yet. I promised him that I would drop by the next time I am in Sabah and of course find out from Mr.Ngu if there is any 'kampua mee'.

Mr. Ngu Kee Leong (Sabah State Audit), Mr. Bernard Joseph Dalinting (Sabah Dewan Secretary) and YB Juni @ Johnny

The briefing went well though although I did not have time to make the animation for the statistics graphs. The transitional clips I prepared using Windows Movie Maker went well, though I need to do a bit more to the quality of the pictures, and the animation which I made did not give me any problems either. There's a lot of R & D i need to do with the presentation softwares. If there are any that any of you have used out there please email to me about it. However it has to be able to work on a Powerpoint platform (for now that is). I am open to ideas :)

With Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Lajim Hj Ukin & YB Datuk Louis Rampas. I would say I really looked sleep deprived in this picture. The two YBs necktie knot looks better than mine. I did not have time to do a proper knot.

Jerry Kamijan - A Long Lost Buddy

Since the subject of Sabah came up, I forgot to introduce a former Sibu Sacred Heart friend of mine. That is the beauty of the Internet as I managed to find long lost friends from a lot of Googling search. We got in touch immediately and I am glad he is moving up in the New Sabah Times hierarchy ladder. I could not believe that he was still a bachelor. I googled for his assignments, found it at and I think I know why......

Jerry Kamijan of New Sabah Times

Jerry's assignment

So now I will know who to look for the next time I am in Sabah. Basically I would be visiting relatives and friends. Care to join me?


Wilson Chin said…
pangyao, let me know when u go to Sabah. I want to join if can :)
Rentap said…
Des, padah ngagai Jerry aku ka recommend ngagai iya band kaban aku 'B'dazzle'. Enti ka ngiga sida iya, call Kay Ibrahim (0138665555). Blog aku bisi profile sida iya.
Kazookian said…
Boy, yeah do you look a bit weird..kahakahaha....

Btw, lucky bloke eh that jerry guy..and to think we have to face the computers everyday..harumph...change of jobs?