TMnet User Group

Sarawak TMnet User Group Forum

TMnet formed the TMnet User Group Forum at Mederka Palace today. The purpose of the group formation was to enable the TMnet (both dial-up and broadband) customers provide feedback to TMnet Management on how to improve TMnet's services. The Kuching TMnet customers had the honour of meeting Mr. Michael Lai, who is TMnet's Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The emcee for the event that afternoon was Miss Donna Jerukan. I wonder where I have met her before...hmmm...and Mr. Kenny Sia, a fellow blogger whom I believe I have met in cyberspace and in a drinking Place which name I cannot reveal (is it still a secret Mavis?), was also in attendance.

Mr. Michael Lai proceeded to brief those who attended on the available products TMnet has to offer and also for the rationale of forming a User Group Forum. Kuching, Sarawak is the second stopover after Kota Bahru Kelantan where such a group is being formed.

Protem Committee of TMnet User Group posing for the camera. The protem Committee Chairman appointed was Mr. Kenny Sia and the Deputy Chairman Mr. Pierce Wong. Incidently both the Chairman and Deputy Chairman happened to be active bloggers; with Kenny's blog at and Pierce's at Several Excos addressing a few interest areas such as Broadband, Dial Up, Hosting, Applications and many more have been included in the committee. I happened to take care of applications - something alien to me as I do not come from an IT Background as the others who are in the Committee. I really do feel small amongst the presence of the IT Managers. Resellers, Experts, (and Housewife) in the Committee so I had to hide myself under a cap :)

The Dinner
"....TMnet needs to be Customer Driven, or it will be Driven Out by the Customers", You The Customers are our Boss, Our Pay Master...". Those are the wise words from the TMNet CEO during his speech at the the Reward and Recognition Dinner which was also held at Mederka Palace. Some meaningful jokes were also shared with those at the dinner.

User Groups get together at the same table that evening

The ongoing programs that night included speeches from Mr. Michael Lai whom we will call THE CEO from now on and Mr. Kenny Sia whom we will call Chairman Kenny now. There was also the presentation of awards and gifts to TMnet's most loyal corporate clients and customers.

It is quite interesting to note that TMnet has taken this approach of going to the ground 'turun padang' with the customers - though I believed it should have been done earlier. As they would be turning four years old this coming July 2006, I have to admit trying to manage the 1.5 million customers under them now is truly a great challenge. I am sure that the Sarawak User Group would be able to give some positive (and constructive) feedbacks to represent the users in Sarawak. It was informed that the various States would have their own User Group Forums as the CEO team's next stop is Sabah.


Miriguy said…
Wow. What a nice activity u joined. I hope after this campaign their service, especially in Sarawak state will be better :)
Uchu Keling said…
Yeahhh... How I wish TMnet did visit Senadin, Permy Jaya, Taman Tunku users :D

Uchu Keling said…
BTW, no members from other part of Sarawak?
miriguy & UK: At this point in time we are going to see how we can pull in the rest outside Kuching - this is a protem commmittee meaning to say we are to start it off offically first (fulfilling the basic requirement to register it as an association). TMnet paying all the registration costs.
Anonymous said…
Why wearing the cap bro??
mag: I just had a haircut :)some accident somewhere that i look like Ultraman on the top
gus said…
My dad looks like ultraman. And he doesn't need a haircut for that. And I'm afraid it runs in the family.sigh*

I hope they really listen to the boss now. But we've been the boss for quite a long time now and I have to admit, we have been unhappy about the service more than once.
Agus: I will see if the Chairman can rope in members from Sibu & Miri to be part of the Exco. Thanks for telling. Will update you on our meetings.
gus said…
Wow, I didn't mean it to sound that urgent. But I believe this is nothing new to them and they are aware of the problem. But thanks for being the channel. It is very assuring. And thak you in advance for future updates.