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Show Me What You Have Got!

The Miss Sarawak 2006 contest is underway and I manage to catch a glimpse of the contestants. Did I put that correctly? Perhaps it was more than a glimpse, and after the experience I had wish it was a glimpse. I had wished that I had not pass by the place and discovered there was a Miss Sarawak photo shoot. Okay, maybe I was choosy and maybe I have this thing against the organisers.

Let's look at the part of me being choosy. A lot of my encounters with the ladies in Kuching says that there is more undiscovered jewels in Kuching. I mean the title Miss Sarawak. A lot of further encounter (erm...association) with the ladies outside Kuching says that if these ladies (since they are the best we can send) do not buck up, they are in for a beating if we send them to the Miss Malaysia to represent Sarawak.

Now let's see what I have to say about the organisers. I won't blast all their hard work. They have done well to actually assemble the contestants and its not an easy task. Till now I do not know how this Miss Sarawak's format is being run. Don't they have a website? Are we not in the Broadband Age? Probably I would like to know if they have exhausted all the efforts to search for the best candidate? I know a few beautiful creatures who don't even know about this contest and well, for those who are aware, they feel the incentives are not enough.

The Miss Malaysia site is quite impressive. So is the Miss World and Miss Universe. There is even such a thing for Miss Digital World where 3D Designers can send in their versions or 3D Art models. The organisers of beauty pageants (Fair & Lovely, Miss Kebaya, Kumang Gawai, Ms Cheongsam etc) in Sarawak can unite under the Miss Sarawak banner or website and there we can pick our best ladies to contest against the best. Maybe I should recommend that during our next meeting for the TMnet User Group.

A fellow blogger Gette who is with Borneo Post has also covered the event and she has her own opinion also in her blog. Kenny Sia has the World Hair Show blog for these contestants.

The best 5 we have got for Miss Beautiful Legs

Who's your favourite?

Operation Lipid Attack: Day 2

Puteri & Frankie: Thanks for the comments. I will put them to good use. First I have to dig up all the ilmu that I have got from Dr. Noordin Darus. I have recieved his Gold Medal Award twice - one in 1997 and another 1998. I guess after that there have been a lost of focus - and 7 years of mismanagement of the body and soul.

I was supposed to be a star health advisor

Instead I became the reference for which is the best wine and liquor

And which spot in the City is the best place to unwind and 'joget sampai pagi' or in English 'Dance all Night Long'.

Okay, it won't be an immediate conversion. I have beer cans in my fridge, and a few crates in the store and well another few bottles of wine and liquor somewhere (stock up for Gawai hehehe..). But the thing is I will probably stick with:

  1. Lots of Water (less beer)
  2. Less Carbohydrates
  3. More white meat e.g fish, chicken (Less on red meat and fat)
  4. Less junk food
  5. Less Laksa and Kampua Mee (this is the toughest part)

Simon has an old formula in his blog which is similiar to mine but that is just for starters. The journey has not even begun as I have to go for a blood test and also start memorising the number of calories each food item contributes. There is a famous saying "A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step". Dr. Noordin's advice is 'Don't Overeat'.

Comments have been reposted due to SPAM by some of the readers for this particular Topic Miss Sarawak. The saved decent Comments are:

empidan said...
Kakakaka Kunsi penemu pasal Operation Lipid Attack.

1st and 2nd month will be really teruk life with less/no alcohol; less red meat, less carbohyrdat & more vegetables & lot of excercise. But I managed to achieve my ideal weigth after 8 months.

The worst part now is to maintain the ideal body weight, kekeke. So gd luck to you Kaban

2:02 PM

Wilson said...
0_0 can see all the miss s'wak, ur a lucky guy pangyau.

4:43 PM

Apai Salleh said...

This is my formula:

1000 metres swimming in the pool (Padungan public pool lah)

30 Km cycling (use the basikal cina)

4 Sessions of Weightlifting in the Gym a week (gym masyarakat, enda iboh sarawak club membership stail gym)

5 No Milo Peng, MeeKampua, Laksa, Kolo Mee, Chicke Rice, Bia, Teh C Peng, Coca Cola, Fanta, oren jus, just water nothing but fresh cold water everyday with fruits (watermelon)

And this is for your first month.

Good luck and stop going to Panggau hehehehe