DOLE Asia Comes to Sarawak

One could have mistaken that Hilton Hotel must have been invaded by the banana trees when they saw the deco arranged for the symbolic ceremony of Dole Asia's collaboration arrangement with Sarawak through the local partners that is Sebiro Agrifood Sdn Bhd and the Land Custody & Development Authority.

The 'Planting of the First Seed' ceremony Ceremony was officiated by the YB Datuk Patinggi George Chan, the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak and also the Minister of Modernization of Agriculture in the afternoon.

The witnessing of the Signing Ceremony during the dinner event was witnessed by the Yang Amat Berhormat Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak

The Planting of the First Seed Ceremony

The deco at the entrance to the Kuching Hilton Ballroom

The stage in the Kuching Hilton Ballroom

Splashing colours of the displayed fruits

Dole's sample of canned drinks

YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan looking at the fruits deco

Planting the First Seed Ceremony

The Dinner

The dinner was equally a grand affair. The various people attending the dinner were wearing colourful suits and evening wear/gowns. The VVIP (Very Important People) were greeted with rosettes on arrival.

Amongst the VViPs who recieved the Rosettes

Rosette for the Sarawak Chief Minister

YAB CM admires the fruits displayed

The Chief Minister views Dole's introductory videos

The ladies surely had fun that night

Prominent ladies that stood out during the dinner

If there is something to be learnt from the overall event, I would say it came mostly from the two sweet ladies of Dole Asia whom I met - Ms Mika & Miss Leah. The moment the afternoon started the ladies were on their walkie talkies non stop till almost midnight. It was like watching the United States President's Secret Service guarding the President - they made sure the event went smoothly. The walkie talkies were fully utilised.

Event coordinators: Ms. Mika and Ms. Leah

Posing with the Philippines ladies i-DOLEs :) while i had to represent the Sarawak Idol :)

So I believe there would be a long term relationship between DOLE Asia in Sarawak. I have to make sure of that :)


gus said…
Definitely a grand affair. Pretty ladies. Nice bananas. All at Hilton. What more could one want?

Oh, I don't know...Sarawak Idol maybe...
Ngumba gamal nuan enggau indu daha dua iko nya! Heheh.

Beautiful deco, though.

CM looked gaunt. Never seen him look like this before.
Wilson Chin said…
pangyau in photo#7 who is the girl in white (topleft corner)?
miracle8 said…
Wilson i can answer part of the question for you--she's Datuk Sng Chee Hua's daughter, YB Larry Sng's sister. (DJ I don't know her full name ler--you do the honours).
She's the chairman of Sebiro Agrifood Sdn Bhd right?
Agus: They were pretty nice alright. I was surprised. The QC by DOLE Asia is quite impressive when we went through the corporate video.

Puteri: I have to ensure diplomatic ties are enhanced...hehehe. CM was okay throughout the night. usually his departure time from any government functions is 10:30 pm. That nite the program finished at 10:15 pm but he left at 11 pm

Wilson & Miracle: Yes, that is Miss... i repeat Wilson...that is MISS Jessie Soon :) Datuk Sng's daughter....and she is the Chairman of Sebiro Agrifood Sdn Bhd :)
Uchu Keling said…
Finally what transpire two years ago became a reality to the Sng. Congrats!