MyTeam WaiFM Coming

MyTeam Coming To Sarawak

Fellow Sarawakians will be able to show off their talents soon. First there was this Malaysian Idol (MI 1)and later it was the Akademi Fantasia (AF) Reality show. Most of the winners of these reality shows became better off than they were before. Meaning to say it changed their life totally. Look at Mawi (AF3) and Jac (MI 1).

Now we have MyTeam coming in to make the dreams of wannabe soccer stars come true. Of course I am too old for the game. If there is a possibility that MyTeam came into existence, say 20 years ago I would have tried my luck. Now I have to admit that I am too old for the game.....the most I play now is in the State Secretary's Cup and even that I am last reserve for my Department :) We play every year and I have to admit that I would not want to spend 90 minutes on the soccer pitch with another 21 fit and active players. Your team mates will be passing you the ball and expect you to run around finding the best position because they want to pass the ball back to you. The other 11 opposing players will try their best to get that ball away from you with their skills or by hook or crook. The nearer the opposition's goal mouth you are, the more desperate their defenders will be and you can expect a flying tackle, pulling of shorts or jerseys. The worst part is when you play in the field and there are no reserves to replace you - you have to stay on in the field and rely on the painkiller spray - and you know that is only temporary relief. Its gonna hurt bad when you get home and open your boots. What was rewarding was that during one of our few matches I managed to taste the feeling of playing on an international standard pitch - Stadium Sarawak. Its was a nice change as the pitch is well maintained and the ball goes where you want to kick it. Not in other previous matches where we play in a 'padang kerbau'like setting (water logged). The feeling when you score a goal and your team wins - those were the days. No sirree, I wish all the soccer star aspirants coming for this MyTeam trials a very good luck.

Stadium Sarawak - every players' soccer field dream

Depending how crazy you are about football or soccer as they call it. I used to be a fanatical fan of the Bujang Senang Boys their glory days when Alan Vest was coach, and Jeff Curran and John Hunter's were our imported players. Not forgetting also during Awang Mahyan's Ngap Sayop spirit and familiar names like Pengiran Bala, Affendi Julaihi would attract fans to tune in to the radio or go to the stadium. But that is history now as I have not updated myself with the Sarawak Soccer Team for the past 8 years. I guessed I stopped believing in them after a spell of defeats. No, I am not being disloyal to the Croc Players. Sometimes you just lose interest after going through moments of ups and downs that a football fan has to go through - enduring the rain and traffic jams on the way to the stadium on match days, tuning in to the radio on away games etc. Its gotta stop somewhere. Anyway if you are interested to join the band of Sarawak Football Fans, drop by at the Forum Bolasepak Sarawak.

A chance meeting with MyTeam Chief Coach, Shebby at Permata Top Spot Kuching

My Dream Team - and me as Chief Coach

WaiFM Launch

Internet Radio Online for the Wai FM Channel has come of age when it went to broadcast live on the Internet. This is fact is another example of innovation on the developer's part and the willingness of the Radio Station to embrace the concept of Internet Radio. It is hoped that other local Sarawakian radio stations will follow suit. WaiFM is hosted by (owned by Uchukeling) and powered by IOR Live Streaming (owned by Vynne's Iban Online Radio).

The success of the online radio station will depend on its listeners and the user friendliness of the website. This can be gauged in the initial stage of launching through the Internet listeners interaction with the website. In terms of the audio output aspect it is a radio. Thus the challenge now is whether the radio station can expand itself to interact with tech savvy listeners (via phonecalls, SMS and also the real time interactive communication). A large number of the listeners are mostly in areas that are out of Internet's reach. This means that WaiFM, Telekom, TMnet, SACOFA and the relevant bodies have to really look into improving the connectivity - especially broadband outreach's capability to these rural areas. Let's hope those inputs are available in the upcoming Ninth Malaysia Plan which is set to be tabled this Friday.

Operation Lipid Attack: Day 3 & 4

Well, things seem to be going pretty well for my diet plan. I managed to stick to the routines though I do miss rice a lot. A few more days to go to the first week of my diet - *gasp*.


gus said…
Yes, rice is terribly missed. But I believe you're on the right track. Keep it up.
Apai Salleh said…
hhhhmmmm that brazillian video can be viewed on
Rentap said…
Bro, untung amat kita ulih betemu enggau Shebby Singh. Kami ulih meda iya dalam TV aja. Uji tanya Shebby nama kebuah Team Sarawak enda baka suba. Enka iya bis penemu tau dikunsi enggau bala kitai ditu.