Testing Social Media Readiness

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for some of you who have been part of my experimenting with Social Media real time response. After attending a course in Proactive Government: Using Social Media, there are some information that I need to analyse with some of the tools given by our instructor. What better more to try them during the ongoing #Bersih rally event that is supposed to be nation wide as there would a wealth of information that these tools can be tested with. Furthermore the event is coordinated by social media savvy participants and organisers and there are instruments to test reactions to the subjects discussed. 

I have to admit, for the past 24 - 48 hours I have tried to be provocative, obnoxious and annoying acting out the role of a keyboard warrior to draw out reactions from my FB and twitter friends as samples. Well, at least some were really emotional about some subjects, please accept my apologies. One cannot be oneself to collect meaningful data and samples to study actual reactions via comments or counter tweets so as to ensure realistic feedback. Its not really my nature to post subjects with these #'hashtags', but this symbol is useful social media tracking tools for measurement purpose. Please note that I may from time to time test out some subjects on current issues but on twitter as the audience there is less restrictive than Facebook. Furthermore I do not wish my FB to be filled with strangers. 

Along the way enough data can be collected to decide on what aspects of Social Media features can be used in some of our agencies. Some information templates have been given by our trainer to facilitate the report of gauging our social media readiness, especially for public-government agencies interaction. This is necessary also to beef up our corporate communications capacity to ensure it is equipped with the right set of tools and its personnel possess the right type of strategic skills. 

A Screen capture of Sarawak Energy twitter

Sarawak Energy Berhad (Government Linked Company) utilises Twitter and the private sector Air Asia also, for some of its information update and customer interaction. The State Ministry of Environment and Tourism Board also uses Facebook. There are several other models to follow and the type of social media tool is different for each agency. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or a mix and many more. That is before we proceed to the next level or engage social media consultants. The journey continues and I thank you all for your participation.

This is not a Test, or is it?