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Here are a few news materials in the Borneo Post dated 22 Mac 2006 that caught my eye yesterday:

Elections Sooner Than Soon?

The CM himself has given an indication that its going to be soon. Many people expect it to be on the 22nd of April 2006. Again I recieved lots of SMSes asking me to confirm it. I told them that the newspaper seems to indicate some dates. I do not want to be the source of the information. It may not be necessary on the 22nd April 2006. I'll say its soon - before November 2006 because that is the official tag I can safely mention. Its not that I am hiding something, as my friends seem to indicate, even if I am working in the Chief Minister's Department. Come on guys, I am not the Chief Minister and I am taking care of only 0.000001% of what needs to be administered in my office and 90% of that 0.000001% is trying to answer your SMSes and phone calls. You can do that to Samy Vellu but not me :) The regular Q & A I had to entertain was "You read the papers?" "Yeah" I replied, "So?" would the next question, and "So? So what?" will be my next reply, "So is it true?" "What's true?" "The election is on 22nd April next month" "Well if you say it..." "No the newspaper say..." "Well if the newspaper say someone, must have told them...and its not me" "Ah, how come you don't know?" "You think I got so much time that I want to kepo about the election date ka?"..... it goes on and on... If i have to reply to all of those SMS queries I could go bankrupt.

However I seem to learn a few new phrases everyday when it comes to the subject of elections.

Like 'Sooner than sooner', '...the election is around the corner, the nearest possible corner', '...waiting for some inspiration', '..the next time I come, it will be during the election, etc. All points to the same meaning - election is soon. If those statements were picked up by some viagra executives it would make a good advertisement script.

So when is the e*ection honey? Do you feel its coming?
Honey, I can feel it, its coming the nearest corner. Its gonna be sooner than sooner, just wait honey. Anytime soon honey. How you know, ah? I know laaa.....

Need inspiration for the election? Pick up a magazine.

Broken Glasses
A man walked through the glass of Wisma Bapa Malaysia (where my office is) early this morning.

An elderly man attempted what no man (including me) in the same building would have dreamt of attempting before. What worries me more is that such an impact caused the glass to break. That glass is thick man! Everytime I stay in high rise buildings and hotels, I will stay away from the glasses just in case I may accidently bump one in the 20th storey.

Anyway if you want to see more close up photos, I believe my Wisma Bapa blogger colleague has it in her blog Memory Lane.

Rakan Cop in Kuching

The Prime Minister will be launching the national level Rakan Cop this April 16 2006 at Mederka Square Kuala Lumpur. The Police here have a few programmes lined up already and I am sure its going to be an impressive and exciting one. I manage to catch a glimpse of their trial runs recently.

Some low flying events

A river parade involving the Marine Police

Rescue in the river to be feature of the launch at State Level

Two Wheeler

I saw someone cycling on the road today as I returned from work. It was a sight to see as I thought that bicycles and those who cycle have become extinct in this busy and major part of town. Its cool and I am suddenly thinking about getting one like that.

Look at those muscles! He must be losing 600 Kcalories per day

Using the motorcycle lane along Jalan Tabuan - Jalan Song - hopefully there will be more of those lanes in Kuching

The jam - the cyclist leaving my car in a trail of dust!

1st Silicon (X-Fab of Germany & SEDC tie up?)

News announced in 1st Silicon's website that its merging with X-Fab Semi Conductor Foundries AG. This has been confirmed in EETimes. Excerpts: "German CMOS foundry X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries AG has agreed terms to take over the Malaysian foundry 1st Silicon Sdn. Bhd. The deal would almost double X-Fab's manufacturing capacity. A value for the deal has not been disclosed. The majority shareholders of both companies agreed to treat the transaction as a merger on the basis of an equity exchange, but X-Fab has no plans to communicate the transaction's value, Thomas Hartung, X-Fab vice president of marketing and sales, told EE Times."

So we are looking at more rosy days ahead for 1st Silicon?


Coconut Ice said…
jessica alba = so hot
You think that old man can win the state again..? He so blardy old man! Make u the next CM ler..?
Anonymous said…
I wish 1St Silicon will survive. Use to work there for 2 years. Great working invironment. GO 1ST SILICONIANS!!!
Coco: I agree with you :)

DV: My friend - As a Civil Servant I serve the Government of the Day. Our CM is not old, he is wise :) I am not apple polishing. If public unrest as exhibited in Thailand and Philippines is used to measure a leader's success or failure, there is currently no such tension or street protests in the State. f I were CM all Sarawakians will be required to use bicycles :)

Mag: Mergers are always an advantage as it provides a new playing ground :)
Wilson Chin said…
jessica alba is hot :P

As a good public servant and administrator I think your answer is very wise and very safe. However, I think that it is time to move on to new leadership and take on a native on Sarawak to me CM.
miracle8 said…
Astaf*rull*h Az*m! Kitak telah mendedahkan "rahsia" yang terbesar dalam tahun tok... sik berani kamek orang ber-belog lagi.... :'(
Habislah aku......