RIP Reagan Hidi

Reagan (in cap) from his picture in facebook. The way I would want to remember him during happier moments

I lost another comrade in arms today. Reagan Hidi, a Nadai Nama Nama enthusiast, who is always giving me input on how to improve my blog. I would say Reagan was one of the first to welcome Nadai Nama Nama into Sri Aman when I reported for duty. Shy at first when he approached me after a few weeks, the first thing he discussed with me was about my blog. But he refuses to be part of my blog's story and be the star in NNN. "Its enough that I help you by the side boss" he told me.

Born on 1 May 1981, he leaves us, short of three weeks of his 29th birthday. He works with the Jabatan Kerja Raya Sri Aman, an important technical partner for our Resident Office. Words will not be enough to describe someone whom you regard as an asset especially on his ever readiness to jump into action when I request for assistance. No paperwork, no beauracracy. Even if he is not in Sri Aman, away for a course or travelling you can rely on him to help via remote control. At one time I needed an outboard engine and boat for one of our jobs, he offered me the most powerful engine that his department had. The other departments also offered the smaller versions. I declined his offer and he was disappointed that I did not use his offer as it was better than the others. I explained to him I would not want to be seen in a Ferrari when I can use a Kancil and he knows that is Nadai Nama Nama trademark. Which is why I say he was unique for he will  give you his best.  Nadai Nama Nama will miss you Reagan. I will miss you. Sri Aman and the State Civil Service will miss you and your spirit of An Honour to Serve..


gus said…
God bless his good soul.
Losing someone we know or love is really sad. Lately i heard many politicians died due to health complication. I think the govt. should requires a good health for those who wants to be in the politics. It really costs a lot to do a re-election.

Anyway, I feel sorry for the lost of your friend.
AmyChristyLia said…
May God bless his soul.. i want to know about Reagen Hidi.. Did he study at SK Lubok antu primary school? and he has a sister.. and his father is a teacher. If that him.. he is my ex school mate at Sk Lubok antu... TQ