Fiesta Countdown

The main venue for the Pesta Benak 2010 - the Batang Lupar Riverfront. In the picture above (click to enlarge) one gets to see the completed Batang Lupar Riverine Park on the left and in the middle is the historic Fort Alice. On the right is the Tidal Bore Observation Station, which is set to be launched on 28 April 2010. Welcome to the Benak Town of Malaysia (Tidal Bore Town of Malaysia) folks.

More updates and the programme for the Benak Festival can be downloaded at the Pesta Benak 2010 site which I created to promote the event.

Thank you for the queries via emails, SMSes and in here on accommodation options available in Sri Aman for those coming from outside from Sri Aman. At this present moment most of the hotels are fully booked for the Pesta period but I will try to put in the details of the hotels available as soon as possible. Resthouses are also full also I am informed. The option for Homestay may be considered.


Unknown said…
Thank you for the info.I guess all the hotel is full this weekend.Any suggestion and do Sri-Aman have guest house.B&B or home stay?
dellyne said…
WoW! rami kita di Sri Aman..
Unknown said… party party...hehehehe