Pesta Benak Activities

Pesta Benak Excitements

The Pesta Benak is into its third day now and everything is running fine. The weather is with us for now, though its pretty hot but it adds to the Pesta's heat of events. Everyone is excited about the upcoming Regatta benak which is set to be flag off by the Sarawak Governor.

So far i have been keeping myself busy on the river as the preliminary events start off with semifinals of boat races and pump ski speedboats cruising Batang Lupar at breakneck speed.

We set off on a boat to chase the benak...or rather get chased by the benak behind us as we take shots of its ferocity travelling the length of the river

Huge waves can cause a small boat to capsize if one is inexperienced in manouvering with it

Rescue boats are on the standby to pick up anyone who falls in the water

People from outside Sri Aman came over to witness the Regatta and also the benak

That included Miss Anna Marije Raad from The Netherlands - anyone knows which one is Anna/

Pump ski race in progress - one of the exciting events

Power boat 40 Horse Power Class in progress - the boat pilot Mr. Mansang Jimbai cruises easily on the boat Dare To fail. Most winning boats are from Kapit.....and of course being born in Kapit I can claim to be a Kapitan. We Kapitans race hard and we race fast.....

There is also an exhibition held by government agencies - in the above picture you can see YB Encik Mong Dagang visiting the Resident Office booth where one can get to see the antique weapons used during colonial time

The Sri Aman Kitchen - featuring some famous Sri Aman delicacies and seen above with fancy spectacles are not Men in Black but the famous singer Jennarino Jeraki in the far left and RASA FM radio deejay Edwin Nangga on the right

More pictures coming soon as I get sunburn going around the Pesta sites. This is the time you wish your Nikon D5000 Battery can squeeze more juice as while taking continous shot of the race boats that whiz by you.....and those pretty ladies that smile at you :) Cheers.