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Top Pick of the Sour Grapes Kunos

I like to sing the song 'if Tomorrow Never Comes'. Its rather meaningful in living this lfe day after day. So tomorrow may not come for some of us. Therefore I realise i need to spend some time with my new found friends from Malaysiakini who mentioned my name or typed my name affectionately this past two days. I went through those comment boxes in Malaysiakini and became amused. So when I am amused its usually starts off a Nadai Nama Nama blog entry. Well, it had been my expectation that Malaysiakini, with their army of excellent writers and columnists should attract great minds. However the subscribers who are allowed to comment tells a different story. Some of my good friends are subscribers and they always get their alternative stories there to share. Which was why today I had intended to pick some Top Ten mean comments about me to feature my blog today. The 'Desmond Bashing' I would call it and I was disappointed that it did not meet my expectations and less than ten made it. And I do hope that this level of thought is not an overall representative of all Malaysiakini subscribers' pattern of thinking coz some its so kuno one. Even my loyal Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today reading friends were alarmed at some of the comments. They even called me up to alert me. Some wanted to subscribe just to reply to the comments but I told them not to waste their time and also their RM20. 

Anyway let's go fish for some worthwhile comments there shall we. The least I can do is thank them for just mentioning me. I must apologize, as (like I say) not all of the commentors made the grade. Especially those with 'hate' tone. This world has too much hate and I would not want it to be a crietria for kunoness. So lets start. The one I will consider putting on top will be that Alice in Wonderland comment as seen below. This comment caused excitement amongst my friends "Hey, someone called you Alice, what bad things have you done to them?" For that effect caused I will put Doc on top spot of the Kunos. Excellent style of writing and I will never know what I have done to offend him. If I was a terminally ill person and my last wish was to meet the Prime Minister, would he have written it that way? Who knows....which is why he should be high on the kuno list.

Which kind of reminds me, the Mad Hatter was the Hero in the movie along with Alice.  And as far as I am concerned YBhg Datin Seri Rosmah was the White Queen since I was on the same table with her and there was no "Off With The Heads" tantrums. Or maybe you sat on the same table with her some time ago and have a different version?  So hopefully Doc does his homework and watch the movie again lest he is the Red Queen's (Malaysiakini) henchman who has 'an eye' (I'll say that again, 'An Eye') for Alice? Very very deceptive Doc.

For Amaso that 'see the trees and not the forest' comment he gets to share this spot with Multi Racial. They share the same Kuno spot for confusing me more. Okay Amaso ~ trees mean many trees and that equals forests right? I have not reached that level of intelligence yet. I was happily talking about getting the bridge which benifitted a lot of people and he is not happy with it. That 'candy' is translated into 'lives' as the bridge wires may snap any moment but why would he care as long as its not his life. Multi Racial mentioned some names (deleted here for I will not 'carry' or advertise for him). Go to the original Malaysiakini if you must see who he is referring to. Simply put, come to our Ulu Ulu area here and mention those names, I am sure the people here will be wondering what he is blabbering about. Its like describing snow to us here when we have never seen it. More points also for telling me not to write my thoughts in my own blog? Yes, My Own Blog paid by Me. My God, if he managed to influence Karl Marx or Chairman Mao not to write on Communism or the Disciples not to write the Bible......I cannot imagine.

Well, I was going to ommit Ferd Tan actually but that last statement about my airfare earned him one of the Kuno spots. Which Kuno level are we now? I forgot. But it doesn't matter because if he cared to read my cheap thrilled entry on the PM's Speacial Tea Party he would have known how I foot the bill. I also expected to be the laughing stock of my many Sarawakian buddies but they were too busy laughing at Ferd Tan's comments that I had to pay them laugh at me with my own money. But spending my own RM1000 to say thank you for a RM400,000 bridge does seem worthwhile, no? I am not good with numbers so I am sorry Ferd. By the way I am still paying for it in installments via my credit card. Next, I put Quigonbond in kuno level list too because I do not know where he is standing - with me or not with me. I just want to thank him for sharing his experience with DSAI and Tok Guru as I shared mine about the PM. Our local DAP like Mr. Wong Ho Leng, Ms. Violet Yong and Voon Lee San, PKR Dominique Ng and Nicholas Bawin are friendly over here too. Wan some teh tarek at our new Dewan Undangan Negeri with our assemblyman be it BN or DAP or PKR you are welcome. I had written some of my entries when I was with them also.
With Gen 2, I do not know how to say this but I just wanna advice him if he can form a party and summon the teh tarik during the upcoming State Election (I don't know when but there are many so callled analyst they can refer to there) and prepare about 800,000 glasses in various constituencies. Just enough to get a simple majority. I can bet he can be the next Chief Minister and our State's Hornbill symbol will be replaced by Teh Tarek. Our Hornbill Skyways will become Teh Tarek Skyways. Thank you for telling us Sarawakians are that cheap my friend but I dare not ask the State Representatives here why they are hiring an army of teh tarek makers for their campaign. So in areas where the DAP won against BN is due to the DAP buying more teh tarek for the voters? Come on la Gen 2, have a cuppa Mayang Tea or Sabah Tea and vote for me.

For lesungbatu I don't know what he is talking about and where he is going. He has more than one kuno comments but well I only accept one for today and it is kuno enough. To make him happy I'll put him at the bottom of the Kunos - good or bad, the readers decide. Though in his other comment he touched on the suspension bridge similiar with another commentor name 'luk', I advice them to go to SK Klassen and meet the students and teachers there themselves since they think its a small matter. For those who have been following my blog, they will also know about my village, Nanga Beguang, Song. No roads, No electricty and No water since Merdeka. I am not complaining by the way and the villagers there still put their hopes on the present Wakil Rakyats. So yours in not so bad after all lesungbatu. Now on the bridge,thanks to the YBs in Sri Aman, the Resident and DO Office and the people of Nanga Klassen, the SK Klassen Bridge is a long story indeed (back to the year 2006 before I came). I saw something extra was needed and it required some communication strategy. All of them chipped in (some covered in my blog) for one major push enabling it to bear fruit with the accessibility to the 1Malaysia portal. YB Senator Dato Sri Idris Jala also had a hand in it.

The present Suspension Bridge in Nanga Klassen ~ March 2010

The story of Nanga Klassen Bridge is not over as the quotation process in appointing a contractor is quite time consuming. Hopefully YB Dato Sri idris Jala can solve this in oneof the labs. For a bridge over troubled water, I hope it can last the weathering, the wear and tear, while a new bridge is being constructed.

Anyway to  wind things up, thanks again to all those encouraging words from many of the people who sent their messages. I am glad for my new found friends, old friends who looked me up after finding me in the news. I have not responded to all. I hope the first time visitors here understand what Nadai Nama Nama means and what it stands for. It means Nothing. A few Iban words would be very educational. Even my Uncle Sawing's SMS (in the picture below) almost made me faint with laughter. Thanks for the support uncle and for those who had wanted to do the same, Uncle's one summed it up for you all. I am cool with these Malaysiakini (and Lowyat Forum) fellas ~ after all this is Nadai Nama Nama (Nothing At All). Try again next time to win kuno awards as I find a way to shake hands with the deputy Prime Minister, if I can lar so don't put your hopes too high.

Anyone who donno what bingking is, well ask your Iban friends. Its not a bad word anyway. Cheers.



It is sad that all these negative comments come out from the haters. I do not know what Najib had done to them. Had Najib gone to their house and scolded or did bad things to them until they hate him so much?

In our Christian prayer, we always pray for our Ministers and the country. If we (the Christians commentators) recite those prayers every Sunday and yet we hate the government so much then, we are hypocrites!

Why can they use kind words to comment. Again...I hope you will be able to take these criticisms and be patient. There are many other bloggers in Sarawak who support you. And one more thing...let God judge them because there was a sentence in the bible "Judgement belongs to God" and i always believe in that.

p/s: have u changed your phone number? I sms you but u didn't reply.

p/s 2: Hahaha..i know what bingking is....
Monyet King said…
Hi Desmond, as you become more popular, you will obviously attract attention, including those people who only have half-brains. As you rightly said it, these are kuno people. Just read their comments and ignore them.

Congrats on your blog entry that made news. That was a big article in the papers.

Cheers. You still owe me that bottle of red wine.
cyrildason said…
Ahh.. sour grapes they are.

Notice that they do not dare use their own names?

I find it very funny how some people tend to read an article, and leave a comment without actually understanding the whole article.

Take their comments with a pinch of salt borther. It's your opinion, and its not even concerning them, so why should they bother?

the way i see it, unless you start making religious/sensitive remarks, harsh comments such as the above are indeed kuno.

Everyone wants to be a champion, but they just talk... at least Najib gave ppl in that area a bridge. Despite maybe having other morives (since election is just around the corner), at least he has done something.

Did those commentors give anything to the community? Ahhh.. NATO speaks only, that's what they are.
Tia said…
bukan semua akan suka sama kita
bukan semua akan setuju dengan kita
ada yang hitam, ada yang putih
ada yang busuk, ada yang wangi

selagi apa yang kita buat itu dari hati yang ikhlas, biarkan mereka dengan pendapat mereka...

May GOD bless u always !!
Sara said…
hahhaa..those are the typical humans haters.
Hi Desmond,i love your blog entry. Keep it up!
Nothing said…
Hi Desmond,

These people does not deserve any attention. Just ignore them. They are mere antagonists. Nothing done by Najib or the government are good to them.

They should have been born in some poor part of Africa then they will know how good our country is.

Continue blogging Desmond. Luv your blog.
Uchu Keling said…
Life After Forty ehh.. ;)
Unknown said…
hahaha, i wish i were you so i can increase my blog popularity. hahahahaha.
Mugan Bunyau said…
Jang, I truly admire your stand. I salute you! It is truly showing your maturity with full of wisdom and not influence by emotion and the surrounding circumstances. There are too much anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from their lips. Let them with their own grievances and unsettled heart! Most importantly, clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. And continuously be thankful always and receive all blessings gladly, with thankful hearts. Cheer!!
Rodz Nocturne said…
Hi Desmond,

It's really a good jokes when some cowards try to express their thoughts negatively without understand the whole picture, for me they're not far like terrorist (just that terrorist didn't do much typing and shit talking like them). I agree with cyril, tha't why I labelled them cowards, they didn't even dare to use their real name. So human really divided into two types though, those have their brain intact in their heads and use it to think and those who preserved their brain inside rubbish bin.

Anyway, terus ka blog nuan tu, anang kiruh ke utai ku sida nya, bejako ngapa sida nya, uji sida ya ngaga blog kediri lalu nulis runding sida ya bekaul enggau utai ke dikomen sida nya ngagai nuan enti sida berani. Komen orang aja sida nya berani tapi takut dikomen orang.