Benak Fiesta Heats Up

Pesta Benak Sri Aman Around The Corner

Its a matter of days now. The official launch date may be on 28 April 2010 but work has started and Sri Aman town is abuzz with activities in preparation for Pesta Benak 2010 (Tidal Bore Festival 2010). Everyone involved in the organising the event, spearheaded by the Pesta Benak Organising Committee chaired by the Resident of Sri Aman will be zig zagging around to put in the finishing touch. The Festival has not been held for the past two years. Reason being, the infrastructures for the event namely the Tidal Bore Observation Station and the Batang Lupar Riverine Park were under construction. With its completion, Sri Aman is set to show off its latest landmark to partner the occurrence of the tidal bore phenomenon along Batang Lupar River. Which is why the main goal of the event this year is to label Sri Aman as the Benak Town of Malaysia. Friday the 16th of April 2010 a press conference was held by the Resident of Sri Aman to kick off the final programmes of the event. Its the same as clicking the All Systems Go button and we are off to running around the whole part of Sarawak if not the whole country to invite everyone here- it will be the biggest in Sri Aman this year.

Press Conference on the Pesta Benak 2010 by the Sri Aman Resident Abang Shamshudin Abang Seruji. various events beginning 28th April 2010 to 2 May 2010 are being announced.

This view of the peaceful Batang Lupar from the top of the hill where Fort Alice is situated presents a good view over the Tidal Bore Observation Tower and also the approaching tidal bore (benak) waves

The tidal bore (benak) arrives with a roaring sound, negotiating the river banks of Batang Lupar. Its size makes the small boats look like miniature boats

Everyone is excited and this few weeks we got to see several boats cruising the river to see the benak waves up close and also take pictures of its ferocity

With this, Nadai Nama Nama welcomes everyone to Sri Aman, the Benak Town in Malaysia. It will be the best time to witness the various cultural events lined up plus the an opportunity to taste the best cuisines Sri Aman has to offer. This is because there the 'Sri Aman Kitchen' will be one of the features along the riverfront whereby the locals will showcase the best food that is uniquely Sri Aman. Mari Mari to Sri Aman (Come to Sri Aman)!

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Tia said…
5 0r 6 years back, i was in Sri Aman for the Pesta Benak Expo too... manning the booth. Gosh, the town was flooded with manusia and it was hot!! May be going for it this time too...jadi tourist.

Boss, boleh minta a few seats kat bawah grand stand kah? he he he
Unknown said…
hmmm great. but i am currently occupied on that day. the last time i was in sri aman for pest benak was when it was held together with hari peladang penternak dan nelayan.

so many people. crowded but its a good way to increase economic activity to the people there.
Naomi said…
I know that that is the only river have wave. but never been there.
the festival is good to boost tourism.