Almost There

Less Than 24 Hours To Go

The whole town of Sri Aman is abuzz today. With Pesta Benak or Benak Fiesta 2010 just a few hours away of being launched the whole town is being transformed by a variety of tents of various colours. Anyway i'll put some pictures of the scenes in Sri Aman at the launch pad of the event.

The entrance balloon to the Launching Tent

The scene from the Tidal Bore Observation Station

The Tidal Bore Observation Station is set to be given a new name - I wonder what it is going to be? Anyone has a clue?

The Tidal Bore exhibition at the launch site - various tidal bore photographers have placed their best pictures in the exhibition. For first timers its an awesome experience.

The scene at the wharve near the temple which is being fitted with the tents

The launching site tent this afternoon

Furious activity at the launching site at night as the various committees fine tune their tasks

Animation picture of today's Benak taken at 3:48 p.m evening

So here's a Hoo hah for tomorrow as I prepare myself mentally for tomorrow's launch. With a batallion of photographers around i hope I can survive their onslaught. Cheers.


Unknown said…
Thank You Desmond.
I'm excited as this is my first experience to see tidal bore.
Unknown said…
well, gud luck for the festival.