Fooling With Benak

Images of the Benak on April Fool

As Pesta Benak (Benak Festival) approaches come the month of April, I managed to capture the benak or tidal bore waves on April Fool's Day. Its a great time to be in Sri Aman during the festival as the benak has become Sri Aman's icon. There will be various exciting activities which the organisers are gearing up for the event. When I say the organisers, I mean the whole of Sri Aman is pooling their resources to make it a moment to remember. This is due to the fact that the annual Pesta Benak was not held last year 2009 as the Batang Lupar Riverine Park and Tidal Bore Observation Tower was being constructed. Anyway just to warm things up, here are some of yesterday's rainbow pictures over Batang Lupar and the benak waves that came to Sri Aman town at 6:00 pm on April Fool's Day (that's today).

Rainbow that caught my attention on 31 Mac 2010 at the office ~ looks like a double rainbow

My camera view followed the rainbow's end across batang Lupar River

The rainbow looks great outside the camera scope - i just need to learn how to get the rainbow's colour effect out from that light blue sky

The benak's arrival on 1 April 2010 at 6:05 pm. We see the photographer from OSCAR in a small boat capturing the benak's picture up close and personal

The benak waves hitting the river banks with great force

The waves can be seen to flow along the banks

Coming right at you

An amateurish video of the benak on 1 April 2010 - i was holding my Nikon D5000 at the same time so apologies for the rapid movements

The might of the benak - the small boat is dwarfed by the large waves of the benak

Seeing the benak for one day is of course not enough which is why the (Pesta Benak) Benak Festival at the end of April will be held for a couple of days. The Secretariat will be making some announcements soon so I leave it to the Promotions Committee to do that part. I will be busy clicking away the event as it happens. Let the Benak Fiesta countdown begin! Cheers.


Monyet King said…
Great photos Desmond. I hope one day I get the opportunity to see the benak.
Ari Izzad said…
I think I might check out the Pesta Benak this year :) I've never been there all this while..
cyrildason said…
one day... ill go see this...
headsteadi said…
we all should go and see ...
gus said…
i have yet to witness the benak rock & roll myself. Seen them in youtube tho.