Pesta Benak 2010

We have lift off

Its been a tough month, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds so I guess I will let the picture do the talking. The Pesta Benak Sri Aman 2010 was launched by the Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak today 28 April 2010. At the same time the pictorial book of Sri Aman's pictorial story, moving from the past to present and anticipating the future was also launched at the same time. We thank all our Yang Berhormats who attended the event Members of Parliament and the members of the State Legislative Assembly from Sri Aman who provided their full support to the preparation of the book. Fine weather, good support, superb teamwork by the various departments who backed the Sri Aman Resident office all the way was the recipe for the successful launch. Below are the images of today.

The Right Honourable Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud accompanied by the Honourable Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang are greeted by YB Dato Sri Douglas Uggah Embas, the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Malaysia, YB Encik Mong Dagang the Assistant Minister for Tourism and Agriculture Sarawak and YB Tuan Masir Kujat Member of Parliament for Sri Aman.

The Right Honourable Chief Minister is welcomed with a traditional performance performing to the Rentak Benak music

Distinguished guests from both State and Federal Ministries, including senior officers were seated on the stage

Guests invited included the other Residents from the other Divisions - seen here from the right is Encik Nelson Mujah Girie, District Officer Lubok Antu, Encik Michael Dawi, Resident for Sarikei Division and Encik Saudi Narani, Resident for Mukah Division

The recital of Doa Selamat (prayers) : one is able to see Sri Aman's new  Tememggong Kanang Anak Langkau (yellow batik in second row) attending his first few official function

The Right Honourable Chief Minister stressing a point during his launching speech
The Right Honourable Chief Minister launching the Sri Aman Mansang Maju book

The Right Honourable Chief Minister was amused by one of the pictures in the Sri Aman Mansang Maju book and showed it to the audience

The Honourable Member from N.25 Balai Ringin, Encik Snowdon Lawan getting the Chief Minister's signature for his copy of Sri Aman Mansang Maju book

The stage is set for the launching of Pesta Benak 2010 and the officiating of the completed Benak Observation Station ~ renamed Taman Panorama Benak

The Right Honourable Chief Minister enjoying the scenery after the launch with the balloons rising high above into the blue sky

The launching event band performing its famous Rentak Benak

And as I have said ~ we have Lift Off

Inside the Taman there is an exhibition of the Benak or Tidal Bore of Sri Aman and a few pictures of the Tidal Bore phenomenon around the world. Also exhibited are the photos which won the Benak Photography contest 2010.

The tidal bore (benak) came in at 4:18 pm this evening and the huge waves is seen to be swallowing one of the longboat belonging to a regatta participant

It has been an exhausting day, really and so I wish to thank again everyone who made this possible, starting with the Right honourable Chief Minister who was able to come and officiate a three in one function, YB Dato Sri Douglas Uggah Embas, YB Datuk Hajah Rohani Abdul Karim, YB Datuk Francis Harden Anak Hollis, YB Encik Mong Dagang, YB Tuan Masir Kujat, YB Tuan William Nyallau, YB Puan Hajah Simoi Binti Haji Peri, YB Encik Snowdon Lawan, YB Malcolm Mussen Lamoh and YB Dr. Johnical Rayong. Also not forgetting all the people without whom the launching will not be successful, namely all those from the Resident Office of Sri Aman, State and Federal Departments in the Division, the Chief Minister Office, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Malaysia and the Ministry of Tourism and Heritage plus others that I may miss out. Teamwork made this possible. To all I wish you all Happy Fiesta Time.


Love the pics. Our Cm looks very old already. I heard that he is strictly vegetarians, to mantain his health. Is that true.

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Unknown said…
The Tuan Resident and his team has really did a great job to promote Sri Aman. I think his hard work and great commitment have really showed off. I used to serve there for some time , now I'm in another place but I hear people talking a lot about Sri Aman nowadays and seems they're looking forward and excited to go there this weekend.MY, CONGRATULATION TUAN RESIDEN, YOU REALLY DID A GREAT JOB!
Anonymous said…
Dude... Nice picx....
maybe we can share the photos...