Year of Tiger

Sri Aman Picks Up The Chinese New Year Beat

The Chinese New year songs echoed around Sri Aman Town on Saturday night when the Rasa FM Sri Aman organised 'Gong Xi Fa Chai' concert at the Mini Stadium. The crowd had fun and I certainly enjoyed snapping away at the performers who comprised mostly of local artises. When I say local artises, they are mostly people I meet around town. It was a pleasant surprise to see local talents delivering stellar performance. I also discovered that one of the schools was actually active in martial arts. The entertainment function was officiated by the YB Datuk Francis Harden Ak Hollis, the Assistant Minister for Land Development. Below are the pictures:.

VIPs at the function (From left): Pemanca, Puan Felicia Tan (Acting Resident), YB Datuk Francis Harden Ak Hollis, Ruth Jampong (RTM Sri Aman).

Children performing at the concert awaiting their turn to go on stage

Tuned to entertain and also dressed to suit the occassion (our keyboard player in red)
Colourful movements by the children performers

The chidren enjoyed themselves that night

We had a singer who sang and danced some fancy moves ~ his shuffle was a hit with the younger kids
Kong Si Kong Si Nie......i think that was the tune that I can catch and understand. i hope they have the 'Ang Pow Lai Lai' song next time which I am eager to learn

The SK Engkilili must be some Kung Fu school also as the students from the school showed their Kung Fu skills to the audience

This small lady in particular had the right posture and moves that would send her opponets running for cover ~ including me!

'Daddy'...are you gonna buy me the toy or not? Kung Fu pose by this young SK Engkilili student. Perhaps I should allow my Shania attend that taekwando class organised by her school,

"Daaddyyy....Are you gonna buy the toy for me or not....." then again maybe I would not send my daughter to any martial arts school lest I get beaten up with a broom...nah...just kidding :) This small lady is on the way to be the next Michelle Yeoh?

If you don't buy me that toy, I am am gonna stand on my head till I turn blue.... ayoyo.... kids nowadays. This SK Engkilili young boy received claps of approval from the audience

My favourite mechanic from Sri Aman singing a lovely Chinese number..... I was like... wow....he has more skills than just changing tyres. I must make sure to tune my car engine at his shop the next round

The closing number ~ the Rasa FM and Radio Televisyen Malaysia Dee Jays rendered their numbers too.

Everyone had fun that night including me. I had to apologise to the organisers for not joining the reserved chair even when some of the Councillors insisted. I can't as I was moving here and there with my camera (most of them were not used to seeing me running around taking photos). Honestly I would not look good in one of those chairs. Unless they get ready a different VIP for me then I may consider....  i mean Very Inexperienced Photographer's place. So wishing all my friends a Gong Xi Fa Chai :)


Monyet King said…
Any Tiger show in Sri Aman ?
sam said…
I read in the Borneo Post today , YB Francis Harden announced at the CNY function,yet another effort to ask for government funds to save Fort Alice.I remember YB Abang Johari said the same some 10 years back during Pesta Benak and YB Wong Soon Koh said it yet again at DUN when asked by YB Dominique Ng some 2 years back.
I hope this time around,funds will really be made available , and not to give us false hopes yet again.I suggest the community leaders in Sri Aman gives a strong hint by launching a statewide/nationwide "Save Fort Alice" publicity/donation to support YB Francis and to start the ball rolling for funds. The wide publicity on national tv and newspapers will hopefully wake up the authorities and speed things up.
With the state elections coming soon, folks in Sri Aman will definitely vote for BN if they get definite good news on fort Alice and not just promises.