SK Klassen Bridge

How The Bridge Was Damaged in 2007

Waiting...waiting for the SK Klassen Bridge to be built. I managed to get the Headmaster to get me some pictures which I intend to send over again to the relevant authorities who are willing to listen. The bridge was damaged by the 2007 flood a few years back and it has been affected by high waters ever since.

High water levels and the force of the water current damaged the hanging bridge in 2007

Water steadily rising causing anxious moments for those who cross the bridge

Students - like this kindergarden student had to be piggy backed by the parents and sometimes teachers to make it across the bridge - just to attend school

Though a few letters and emails has been criss crossing to the relevant people, the YBs have done their best and the State agencies have done their part, we have to thank them for the completion of Phase I but that is just confined to the foundation. It stopped for a while as we have to 'follow financial procedures' before Phase II can start. It is hoped that the federal agency which provides the fund for this projects understands that the hanging bridge may not last while waiting for the Phase II to begin. A second contractor needs to be chosen instead and it will have to go through the 'yawn' quotation process.... When I look at these pictures I feel sad for the parents, children, teachers and Klassen folks ~ what they have to go through day in and day out as the present hanging continues to deteriorates. Its just waiting for the moment to snap. Forgive me if I sound like an alarmist but if you come by yourself to the place you will understand what I mean. Only the Fear Factor contestants will dare to cross it.


headsteadi said…
To whom it may concern,

"Buat Kerja!"
jingpengboy said…
This is the main problem that we are complaining about. They spending lots of money to get white elephants, ivory etc etc but the basic infrastructure for the ppl has be overseen, neglected to the max, sigh. I feel like becoming the government and fix all the minor problems that can improve people's life. I won't be spending money to build grand and not so useful buildings or sending ppl to climb the highest mountain when village ppl in Msia don't even know or care about the highest mountain.