Don't Get Screwed

Drive Carefully Or You'll Be Screwed

On my return trip to Kuching from Sibu I was determined to find the truth about why accidents happen on the road. A lot went through my mind as I tried to observe the drivers that pass me by (or those I overtook). How the oncoming cars signal with their headlights to warn of Police roadblocks ahead. How the driver or motorcyclist in front of you would screech to a halt when they see these headlights and try their best to make a U Turn just 2 feet in front of you. Yes its true that sometimes accidents happen even when there is a Police roadblock. So my mind worked crazily for the first few hours. Why don't we put up large signs along the roadside to alert the drivers of the dangers ahead. Those that go with Big Fonts saying not just saying "SLOW", "SLOW DOWN NOW!" with "PRESS YOUR BLOODY BRAKES NOW DAMN IT!", or something to that effect. Some drivers may not understand so one should have a Multi Lingual Road Sign. "HOI PERLAHAN SEKARANG" or "JANGAN KURANG AJAR, KURANG LAJU BOLEH!". But then again that observation was shattered (and my dream to be a millionaire) when I drove past Sebangkoi in Sarikei Division. An accident occurred at the famous bend which has a sharp (almost 80 degrees) turning - the C shaped turn is enforced with iron railings to prevent cars from going into a ravine of sort. Somebody just flew over the cliff after crashing through the railings. Now I should generally conclude that the major fault, lies with the drivers 90% of the time (10% is due to faulty cars or road conditions or chicken crossing the road suddenly, roadblocks etc). Probably not....maybe only 10% of the drivers in the whole human population may be at fault or they just have this gene that is accident proned. The problem is this 10% screw ups pose a danger to themselves and also the 90% others road users. So if I should win a Nobel Prize, let it be because I wish to suggest that scientists discover these 10% gene carriers in the human population and ban them from ever driving a vehicle thus reducing road mishaps. At least give it a try aye?

When a crowd gathers by the roadside, it usually means someone screwed up....

Probably we should redesign those road signs that gets ignored. This SLOW sign is the last that he got to see before he went straight for the cliff.An alternative is importantl A sexier sign with a topless dancing scarecrow flying across the road maybe? But at night its sure to cause more accident. Let the experts think then, I give up.

Nobody will have nice words for people who screw up on the road and they will probably tell your tale for generations to come

Like I say.........

The press will have a field day coz the story will sell their papers if its a bad accident, what more if someone screwed up

Imagine the poor bumper that gets ripped apart from the main body

Don't ever screw up: on or off the road

Say Tak Nak to Road Accidents. Arrest those accident prone genes! Okay give me my Nobel Prize now. Cheers and Be Safe!


This is bad. Really bad. I wish people are more careful when it's raining.