Sri Aman Progresses

Let There Be Light

Since the last Batang Ai Election, Sri Aman has seen some new structures sculpturing its landscape, be it in town or out of town. In striving to boost the tourism sector one signboard seem to be causing some excitement around the town area. That's right, Sri Aman is finally going to get a new hotel which will be located across the existing Hoover Hotel and Theatre Inn. Not only that. As one drives from Kuching to Sri Aman or vice versa at night, the two famous stopovers for tired drivers, namely Sungai Tenggang and Lachau would be in darkness as early as 7:00 pm. That may be set to change as the electric supply is set to be delivered to these two areas including the surrounding longhouse settlements along the way. Electric supply was one of the main issue in the last State Election. The delivery of the promise made by the then Deputy Prime Minister  Dato Sri Najib Razak (now PM) at that time shows he is serious about fulfilling his 'People First' pledge.

The signboard that is causing a buzz for Sri Aman folks

A classy hotel in the pipeline - just next to the new Sri Aman township

Electric Supply to light up this once dark corner of Sri Aman

Workers can be seen along the stretch of Sungai Tenggang and Lachau road preparing the electric poles for connecting the electric supply

The folks in this area have not forgotten that promise to provide the area with electric supply. It was seen slow at first but that was due to the need to conduct a detailed study on the capacity of the electric supply required and the number of settlements that require them. Now, most of the folks from this area I met around town were all smiles and I guess I know why. They are happy that the opportunity to progress is within their reach - a steady supply of electricity means increased productivity and opportunity for its human capital to improve (students will be able to study without the disturbing noise and power interruptions that come with the diesel or petrol powered electric generator set). We may get to see more computers at most longhouses and probably with the progress of Internet Broadband and Wireless Internet coverage the population in this area,with proper assistance, will be able to jump onto the Digital bandwagon like those that we get to see only on television advertisements. What more can I say if not, 1Malaysia Boleh!


Monyet King said…
Hi Desmond, happy to note the tagang system being put in place. If you want a bit more info on how to make it a bit more systematic and can be appplied all over Sarawak, we prepared a paper on this during the Sarawak highlands study. If you can trace the report, there would be a plan about this. If you can find it, may be I could email it to you.