A Day With YB

YB Encik Mong Dagang Visits Rumah Wilson, Po Ai

YB Encik Mong Dagang the assemblyman for N.26 Bukit Begunan and recently appointed Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Tourism visits Rumah Wilson at Po Ai, Sri Aman to assess its potential as a homestay destination and also to see if it can be the venue for Gawai 2010 in Sri Aman for tourists this coming June 2010.

Bare footed VIP guests greets the longhouse folks of Rumah Wilson (The Tuai Rumah wearing batik in the middle)

Pretty maidens of Rumah Wilson hand over the welcome drinks to the Yang Berhormat

An Iban warrior leads the Yang Berhormat along the longhouse ruai

Pua kumbu weavers exhibit their skills toYang Berhormat

Miring ceremony performed by the Yang Berhormat with the other VIP guests from right (Encik Abang Shamshudin Abang Seruji, Yang Berhormat Encik Mong Dagang, Encik Ik Pahon and Encik Ahmad Johaniff)

All the shutterbugs taking the photos under the presence of pala antu ~ do they feel any invisible presence? Looks like they sense something. Hehehe...

We wish to thank the officers from Tourism Malaysia's Sarawak Director Encik Ahmad Johanif, Ministry of Tourism and Heritage Permanent Secretary, Mr. Ik Pahon Joyik and his staff for the opportunity. Hopefully the Ministry will come back to Rumah Wilson soon with some good news.


Coffee Girl said…
Awal juak prepare for gawai bos....