Backside Bang

Losing Count and Words

*Drums rolling* so we have it ladies and gentlemen. Another accident, this time a chain accident occurred at Sungai Tenggang, Sri Aman. It was raining and the road was wet and slippery and when one travels fast on a slippery road, there is a 110% chance that an accident will occur,and the theory that can be applied by this potential Nobel Prize winner is that RAIN + SLIPPERY ROADS = ACCIDENTS . Its was nice straight road, so straight to be exact that one gets to wonder how a chain accident involving about six vehicles of all shapes and sizes managed to happen. I don't want to say more and will just let the pictures do the talking.

The road was wet and this black Perodua Kancil had in fact hit another white Perodua Kancil (originally in front but not in the photos I took as it had moved. I took the photos quickly as it was drizzling and I did not want my camera to get wet)

So the Proton Savvy hit the black Perodua Kancil, which caused the white Honda to hit the Savvy and a Proton at the back hit the Honda and a dark blue Proton Saga hit the Honda which was also hit by a Toyota Avanza (far at the back)

So in accidents like this its really hard to negotiate when one tries to apply the "the person who hits from the back is at fault" rule. It because some of the vehicles hit the one in front due to the impact caused by the person from the back causing a chain accident.

It may be a new vehicle being banged by an old vehicle from behind.

Not to worry as the law was around to help and ascertain that hitting someone from behind is against the law in this country. No numbers of foreign legislators can say this is unfair or we will send our protestors to their Embassy or High Commission. The Roadside Safety Consultant (in yellow and blue) is also counting his blessings as he will be able to pick one of the damaged vehicles to transport and repair for the day for some ang pow income for the Year of the Tiger.


Monyet King said…
when I first show the title of your post, I thought you were writing about the sodomy case.... ahhh disappointed.
Coffee Girl said…
that is awful! phew... nice shots though. Ada reporter sia tek?

Btw, you've been tagged!! check it out. *sowie*
headsteadi said…
can't find any Savvy in the pic. satria neo ada lah ...