Adios Mango Tree

The Old Old  Tree

Blogging is quite a high risk hobby now. So many people watching or on the watch out for blogs. If it is found to be 'offensive', it will be targeted for a Lockdown. Something like a Wrestling hold by some of the authorities and you won't hear the last of it. So it is pretty much like driving along a stretch of road with potholes while being blinfolded and the mission of the blogger is not to hit any of the potholes. Wow..... But anyway, today I will just blog about a tree and post some photos of it. In fact I will post something about a tree being cut and probably raise the anger of some tree loving community. But hey, for the record its our tree okay and we called in the relevant authority to have the tree cut. In fact my parents decided to cut down our 20 years old mango tree which was behind our house in Sibu. And I happened to be at home. And my camera happened to be at home too, so its only fair that we joined forces to catch a few snaps and share it with the blog reading community. The tree was already termite ridden and fruits were inedible. Being more than two storeys tall it was hovering precariously over our roof and also the neighbour's. There was no choice as it can fall any time. We called in our friendly Sibu Municipal Council's contractor and they sent in their team to handle the job. I can say it was a good team because they approached the tree cutting quite professionally. In a matter of hours the tree was down. If I was the one who did it, it would take me just a matter of minutes with a chainsaw. I would just cut it from the base like any timberman would do, shouting 'Timber!' and the tree will fall down damaging as many things it can take down. Which is why I must salute these tree cutting tribes who took the time to analyze how to cut the tree and trim it branch by branch.

The contractor decides the best strategy to cut down the tree to size so as to minimize the damage to surroundings including our fence, house roof and the neighbours' house too

Skilled in his line of job - Little by little, the branches are cut with a chainsaw
The highest point versus the chainsaw

And down it goes.....
On top of the world: Going for the final cut - with mission almost complete the Chainsaw man takes a puff of smoke
Finally - a much deserved rest after a hard days work

The tree cutting was over after two hours and the workers took the branches and pieces that were cut onto their truck. It was quite a fascinating scene to see the skills shown by the tree cutter. I also noticed he did not have any safety gear or something while he was doing his job. Could he have been Tarzan's long lost sidekick or the Tarzan of South East Asia? Would the Occupational, Safety and Health Authorities frown at the explanation that he may be Tarzan's cousin? Oh yeah...I should not say so much as not to offend anyone or cause my blog to be under some scrutiny by the Blog Patrols. Okay...this is just a blog post about tree cutting and why we should cut down trees that are deemed dangerous. Goodbye Mango Tree. Cheers.


Monyet King said…
It is good to cut down trees that are dangerous. The problem is what to do with people who are dangerous ?