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Safe Driving This Festive Season

The roads were populated by holiday celebrants this week as many made their way back for balik kampung time. So it is not an unfamiliar sight if one gets to pass by road mishaps along the way. I managed to see four road accidents (two will be put up in this blog as I was too tired to take the pictures of the other two) when I drove back from Kuching to Sibu. I can't say much - just wish to advice those who get the chance to read this before you go for a long long drive back, do drive carefully. I will try to have my say when I go back to Kuching later as I try to detect the cause of accidents which has been the subject of those who wish to do their PHD Degrees. I am sure if someone comes up with a solution to prevent road accidents someday, they will become instant millionaires and put those tow truck drivers out of business. I am not against tow truckers by the way but there should be some way that those who are responsible for taking care of road safety on Malaysian roads should consider hiring these Tow Truckers to be Roadside Safety Consultants. Come to think of it, you do get to wonder why the tow trucks appear like a few seconds after you have had an accident. Hmmm....okay, maybe a few minutes. Its because they have a very efficient communication system (arriving earlier than the Police)and they seem to know which area of the road is accident prone. So with their sixth sense they just lie waiting in the corner with their Milo Shake for some careless road user to make a mistake. Do away with those ceremonies of Road Safety Publicity stints where we get VIPS to hand over some goody bags to motorists before the start of any festive season or holidays. Its a waste of money - probably we can invest it in paying consultancy fees to the Tow Truckers and their Milo Shake.

Somewhere near Abok, Sri Aman: this Perodua Kenari went of the road (notice the tyre tracks) after skidding on some muddy patch beside the road)
The car occupants look just fine, smiling away while taking out their personal belongings from the vehicle - maybe happy to be alive

Our reliable Roadside Consultants who will help the car owners take off the Car Plate Numbers once you have an accident. Anyone knows why this needs to be done? It costs a bloody RM12 to RM20 to make these plate numbers. The Tow Truck came a few minutes after the accident. But how much does that TM telephone pole cost?

Another accident we came upon: along Bintangor to Sibu Road, a white 4WD that seemed to be partially submerge in a large drain

By the looks of things, this quite new looking vehicle with lights on was not some James Bond Car that can transform into a submarine. Its in the drain for a special reason - again due to the slippery road. Imagine if it was the Perodua Kenari in an upside down position as the one we saw in Abok, Sri Aman. The car occupants would be drowned in seconds. 

Fortunately this owner (with black specs and in jeans wet from knee down) escaped with no injuries at all. He was disappointed that the Roadside Safety Consultants were not able to rush to the accident site on time as it was almost 6:00 pm on the eve of Chinese New Year.

Enough said ~ sometimes I am guilty of being a reckless road user at times. The joke sometimes is that when one sees Yellow Light at a road traffic sign junction, it means 'Tekan Minyak' or accelerate faster. Or when it is raining, try to drive faster so that you can reach home quickly. You may never reach home at all. Look at it this way - if you are driving an Amphibous Tank maybe you can go beyond any terrain off the roads. Our cars are reliant on good road surface to travel from Point A to Point B safely. If the road is slippery and dangerous, there is no other way but to slow down. The vehicle must always be in good condition and make sure its not the defective Toyota or Honda with a defective airbag. If you are driving a BMW or Mercedes then I believe you can afford to fly from Point A to Point B via Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia or Hornbill Skyways. So far I have stuck with Proton whose only complaint is a body which has holes appearing here and there with a leaking roof only. I am actually telling that to myself before I head home. Its my advice to all of you too. Think of your loved onces if they are in the car with you or waiting at home for your arrival. Drive Safe people!


Monyet King said…
Rule no. 1 to reduce accidents. Limit yourself to 6 cans of beer only.