Valentine 2008

Happy Valentine

I suppose it is not too late to wish all friends, personal friends, relatives, loved ones....basically everyone a Happy Valentine. Just doing my part in spreading the love around. After all love is to be shared...huh? I would say all the various eateries will try to cash in on romantic couples who feel that its not the money that counts but the time you spend with your loved ones. Fancy a romantic dinner at RM170++ .....yikes! Its enough to kill the mood looking at this package prepared by these entrepreneuristic people. For that amount I can bring in more than one loved ones and have a party!

How much is your romantic Valentine dinner worth? I would get a hotel room for RM138++ and have an equally romantic Valentine.

I would rather have red wine for two - one bottle is about RM89 at Lounge 2: - Valentine or no Valentine...good music, romantic surrounding and friends to share your good time

Well I had red wine for Valentine this year and an hour of lecture from a personal friend's perspective about life. It was a good lecture and maybe I will share it some day even though it really revolves around the dark side of life. Thanks for the sharing ... Happy Valentine to all :)


Anonymous said…
Happy Belated Valentine's Day... glup romantic mat ngirup wine, nama pressie ngagai swetie dua iko ba rumah deh.
Bisi...but my missus enda ngasuh publish :) kena censored...kami dinner di Spring.
Jimmy Chin said…
romantic... wakakka...