SCORE Launches 11 Feb

Sarawak Corridor Launches Today

The official launching of Sarawak Corridor also known as the Sarawak Corridor for Renewable Energy (or better known as SCORE) is to be launched by the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia today.

I brought along my ever reliable assistant Ms Shania Serani to assist me in the preparations for the SCORE Launch. She will be giving me all the mental strength that I need like that 'pillow' she brings everywhere we go

The Launch Pad for SCORE will be the Bintulu Promenade near Parkcity Everly Hotel. All the launch areas are currently being finalised, from stage setup to launch programme and materials.

System Check and hoping for the best. Even the Director of the State's ICT Unit Mr. William Nyigor on my left has to go 'hands on' to make sure everything is perfect

The RTM will telecast this Live on air at 10:45 a.m for those who are interested in what the organisers have in store for the event. The event is expected to attract a crown of more than 10,000 people from all over the State and the country and also foreign guests as far as the Middle East and China are expected to converge here.


cyrildason said…
i wonder why Kuching was not included in SCORE> Kind of sad being left out..hehhe
Ruis Jugah said…
rami amat bintulu deh..bisi ngagai 5 stars dek you?