Sarawak SCORE

Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy

The Right Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia and Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak launches SCORE switch symbolising Power Generation

The SCORE launch officiated by the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia went well yesterday. Articles regarding SCORE was published in the major newspapers and e-news in the Internet. That's part of the media plan which is part two of the State Government's effort to promote SCORE. Being the Secretariat in the main, technical and coordinating committee I thanked God that the first phase of SCORE - the launch, was a success. After the Sarawak Pavilion during 50th Merdeka in August 2007 and the Sarawak Governor's 86th Birthday in Mukah, I would consider this assignment as the most challenging and important event I managed to be part of. The experience was meaningful and a lot of sweat and tears, unaccounted overtime was put into making this event go through without a hitch. We almost lost someone during the final preparations for the launching due to stressful conditions maybe but I am thankful that he is recovering well at the Bintulu Hospital after a minor operation. I pray for Augustus Marindang's quick recovery. The preparations itself started as early as October 2007 as we finalised on the Sarawak Development Corridor plans. At that time the name SCORE was being toyed around as the planners were still looking at the prospects of developing the Tanjung Manis to Similajau strecth of the State. Sharing some of my experience in being in the SCORE launch team from day one to the actual day will be the main content of this blog post.

The Logo

Coming up with the logo was one of the main challenge as we seemed to brainstormed our heads against a solid wall as every proposed logo gets rejected one after another. How does one define SCORE into simple artwork? Ricky Guing of Silicon Net especially had to used every ounce of creativity to produce the logo for presentation to the big guns in the organising committee. We have to get out of this idea that everytime we think of logos linked to Sarawak, a shape which looks like a hornbill would ocme into mind. It was decided that SCORE needs to be different as a hornbill will be very much tourism oriented.

SCORE Logo - specially selected by our Chief Minister himself

Blue water drop representing water and also renewable energy which is reflected by the two energy waves (red and blue), depicting the Second Wave of Politics of Development and also the Second Phase of Vision 2020 which focuses on the objective of becoming a Developed State. The building representing rapid industrialisation is green in colour depecting balanced development in harmony with the environment.

The SCORE Study

SCORE Deveopment Documents and Brochures

Another team which was conducting the potentials of SCORE also had to rise above the challenges of preparing the devlopment plans and strategies for SCORE. The Arthur D Little team worked hand in hand with the State Government to produce the SCORE Development Documents. The finalising of the documents was also a struggle by itself as it went from one draft to the other - from the raw information available up to the design, colour and layout of the presentations in the SCORE documents. This is to ensure that the information is the latest and as accurate as possible.

The Launch Site and Layout

Originally, several launch sites have been considered and after consulting the top decision makers, the final choice was the Bintulu Promenade. The State Public Works Department (JKR) was given the task of preparing the on site plans and layout for the launch. The challenge here was - how to accomodate more than 15,000 people, looking at the condition of the site and logistics that involved to make that site rady for the launch. Bintulu Promenade was of ideal choice as it was part of the Central Region being studied for SCORE, the new Esplanade represents development and its proximity to an International standard hotel, amongst others. Bintulu is also a town which grew rapidly from a simple fishing village in the early 80s with a population of 5,000 which grew to 150,000 at present - a rapid transformation over 25 years.

JKR Sarawak architect's impression

An aerial view of the proposed location

The challenge - persistent rain can result in a water clogged launch site

Backdrop artwork - the final one after it went through several revisions

Drawing of the Stage area layout

How it looks like on the actual day

The Build Up

Final briefing on the preparations to our Right Honourable Chief Minister at his residence

The final preparations were ready for take off as early as the 3rd of February when work on the site has started and the Secretariat consulted the Right Honourable Chief Minister for the final fine tuning of the launch. Anothe rteam will be heading to Kuala Lumpur to brief the Prime Minister on the SCORE Development Plans. When the 11th February 2008 was confirmed, all those involved scrambled into action mode. The preparation dates ran smack with the Chinese New Year Holidays as everyone would have to be on site by February - materials, equipment and personnels have to be mobilized before and during the holidays.

Preparations on 4 Feb 2008

The site as at 6 Feb 2008

Launch site ready for the event on 11 Feb 2008

One would have thought that our State's Public Works Department would not be equivalent to the famous Tan Sri Ting Phek King in completeing the launch site at record speed but that was the surprise as they managed to get it done in a record two weeks right from ground zero. Compliments should also go to the other committees like those handling invitations, launching programme and materials, logistics, transport & accomodation for guests - local, national and international, security, food and beverages, Memorandum of Understanding signatories, publicity and many more executed their preparations. Coordinating this involved many meetings and there were frustrations along the way sometimes. Time was of the essence - as most of them realise that Chinese New Year is around the corner but another surprise came in for those in the preparatory work as our Chinese colleagues, contractors and workers came in full force hand in hand with the others on the second day of Chinese New Year. Work was done almost 24 hours round the clock.

Sarawakians SCORE

Welcoming Arch: Day One

Day Two

The welcoming arch which started on 8 Feb was completed in 3 days record and ready for the 11 Feb event

Plaque Signing of SCORE by the YAB Prime Minister and RECODA (Regional Corridor Development Authority) by YAB Chief Minister

The ladies simulating and practising the Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs)

The actual MOUs - practise makes perfect as there were so many MOUs signed on that day amounting to RM107 billion

Part of the State Planning Unit SCORE Launch Team (from left: Mr. Dzuren Datu Hamzah, me, Julin Alen, Arin Jalai, Janaki Sockalingam, Irwan Bahari, Laga Kueh and Buckland Bangik)

Coordinating the Screens - led by the Director of Sarawak ICT Unit who was heading the Video presentation and Website component of the launching while we were handling the launch gimmick amongst others

The final take - teamwork scored big in the SCORE launching

In summary I would have to give the thumbs up to all those involved in the SCORE launch. The preprations I am relating above is not an overall view of the tremendous effort and work done by the a superbly coordinated Sarawakian team. If anyone has seen the launches of the other corridors one would have seen the preparations and running of the launches were run by event management teams. For SCORE, Sarawakians scored a success as most of the preparations were driven by both the members of the State Civil Service, Federal Agencies in the State and the local Sarawakian contractors with the people of Sarawak who gave 110% effort in realising this significant event. The teamwork shown and team spirit to see this through augurs well for Sarawak's SCORE as it shows our commitment to making the strategies in the development plan a success. So it is hoped that all Sarawakians now can chip in and get ready for the second phase of SCORE as the launching represents the Federal and State Government's commitment towards realising Vision 2020 and beyond. Discard the attitude of playing a wait and see game - instead go forth and take charge of the opportunities in SCORE. Sarawak Score! Sarawakians Score!

By the way - I scored too :) but that's another story