Fireworks & Smoke

Fireworks in Kuching

What is Chinese New Year without fireworks? Kuchings skyline was decorated with various fireworks display at the stroke of midnight to signify the coming of the Year of the Rat. Its an amazing sight - if anyone had missed the Internation Fireworks Event last year, fear not, Kuching's firework last night can beat that in terms of scale. Why I say this? I was in Kuala Lumpur during the KL International Fireworks Event and it was held in Putra Jaya. So one will have to drive to Putra Jaya to witness some fine art of Firework display ryhming with the orchestra music. But in this case, I can say the whole of Kuching South area basically lit up with Fireworks and it went on for almost one hour. So there you have it - if we combine that with the fireworks in the other parts of Sarawak, say Sibu, Miri and Bintulu I will say we have our own International Fireworks display.

Our own International Fireworks Event

Bright lights of various designs lighted up Kuching's night skies

Smoke in KK

If anyone remembers about Jerry Kamijan , I specifically searched for him while I was in Sabah just to see how are things up with him. I had to apologise to my other Sabahan buddies that night for not joining thier nightly adventures because for me Jerry is a childhood friend and there was a lot of catching up to do. I remembered the late Frankie Demang where we always postponed meeting up one another. And so I did and I had to thank him also for the effort of meeting up with me. He was in Penampang while I was in KK, so we agreed to meet at the Budusan area. I guess its only at that time I know what Budusan area is all about and its exotic nightlife, but hey, I only got to know that from Jerry after a few rounds of Tiger Beer....and Char Koay Teow.

With Jerry at Budusan - he's now the Deputy Chief at New Sabah Times. In my last blog I mentioned that Jerry is single. This time I will have to wait until he formally and I repeat formally introduces me to his 'future missus' in the picture above. Congratulations buddy! I am waiting for the good news to take shape.

So what's new with Jerry? There are many things new about this buddy of mine so I won't blabber about his personal life which he condensed to me during that one night in Budusan. Though he was recovering from an operation he took great risk of having a few rounds of Tiger Beer with me. Its great to know that Sarawakian spirit of Agi Idup Agi Ngirup spirit is still in him. We both are turning 40 years old soon, a bit later than my Uchukeling friend who is going through 40 now. He shared with me the interesting hobby of making your own cigarrette. The tobacco, the cigarrette paper and filters and casing were new things for me. And he has a special bag for it which I forgot to take a photo of. He takes good care of this 'hobby'. I told him its a sign of turning 40 :)

Jerry's Smoking hobby - It is an interesting hobby I guess

Nice meeting up with you Jerry and ehem.... thanks for he tour of KK City and I hope to meet up with you soon when you take her for a tour of Sarawak - the place where you grew up. And by the way smoking is okay as a hobby as long as its not a habit. Happy New Year to you my friend.


hornbill said…
Desmond... you forgot the fireworks and smokes from Sarikei
Audra said…
Hi Desmond, this is Audra, Jerry's ehem.. He's extremely busy with elections around the corner but was smiling broadly when i showed him your blog... BTW, great job with SCORE... Waiting to see you and your family in KK soon... Cheers... Kita Aramaiti ba di KK nanti.. taknak bundusan dah...
gkvaener said…
I miss the sound and smell of the fireworks, used to drive past kenyalang to Jalan Song during CNY midnight....
andboi said…
Hi guys..nice to meet U guys here..How's life getting on? Dunno whether my name is still inside ur recall back..Its Andrew Bukoh @ Boi here..Met Desmond a few years back but for Jerry...Have not met him since after secondary schools days...i.e more than 20 years..Hey..U guys does not look like U are turning 40..still look young and masih ada Uummmph...Wonder what's ur secret? Frm the picture U guys need at least 15 to 20 mins for a haircut..mine, 5 mins the most ..hee.hee...For those out there, Jerry and Desmond are my classmates during our primary school days...and they are great athletes...I think thats one of the secret they can maintain their youth...hee..hee..Have to ciow...keep in touch guys.