Sarawak Corridor

Sarawak Corridor Launches Soon

There has been a lot of publicity already on the upcoming launch of the Sarawak Corridor on 11 Februry 2008 at the Bintulu Promenade. Being in the organising Secretariat for the Sarawak Corridor its major challenge to get this project off the ground from the start looking for some suitable dates. Some are thinking that this may coincide with the upocoming General Election announcement which may just be around the corner? So now that the other regions have the Johor Iskandar Economic Development Corridor, Nothern Economic Region Corridor and East Coast Economic Region plus the Sabah Corridor, its Sarawak's turn to launch its Corridor. Hurray to that.

An artist impression by JKR Sarawak of the launch site

The site of the launch at the Bintulu Promenade can be viewed from the airplane during landing or take off

The tents are slowly developing

There has been many meetings held in Kuching & Bintulu

YB Lee and YBhg Datuk Morshidi discusses with YB Dato Sri' Awang on the final tuning of the Sarawak Corridor Launching

Site inspection by YB Dato' Sri Awang Tengah and a few other VVIPs

Stage being constructed for the launching event
Launch Countdown in T minus four days. Gosh, and its in the midst of Chinese New Year, which makes the organising of this event a challenging event by itself.


Chris Anakapai said…
Wah, happy to hear that we will be getting our own corridor. Can't wait to know what we will have in store.
Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Hey bro, nama brita? Sorry for being so silent. Busy amat, with kids. Anyway, its snowing hard here for the past couple of weeks, very chilly but its really pretty. I found out from my sister yesterday that she actually have download my dad's vcd k'ok into you tube, so enjoy bro! Its nice to have mine too since Ive lost my vcd copy ;( Anyway, take care!
Licia said…
A very good news to all Sarawakian..Arap ka Sarawak Corridor tok mujor enggau betul-betul direalisasikan.
headsteadi said…
hopefully it will create many job opportunity so that people like me can finally return home :)