Chap Go Meh

Happy Chap Go Meh

Wishing Chap Go Meh to all. I am a bit busy taking care of my daughter as the nursery closed early today. Due to the coming elections, its a bit difficult to get leave too. So I brought her to work.

Shania redecorates my workstation

Shania makes full use of my whiteboard

It has been a fun Chap Go Meh in the office with her around as she rearranges my the Office. I guess she will have a lot to tell one day - being able to redesign the Chief Minister's Office. Cheers!


Anonymous said…
Haha a little princess Type A...
cyrildason said…
hehe.. well.. she better help you redecorate coz it seems that Sarawak would be getting a new chief minister soon..hehehe