12th General Election

Duty Calls

The announcement of Malaysia's 12th Parliamentary Election brings different maning and calling for different people. For some its a calling to greater heights as in the case of my two colleagues in the State Civil Service that is Mr. Masir Kujat and Mr. William Nyallau. Both are previously Sarawak Administrative Officers (SAO) and District Officers. As Mr. Masir puts it - he has been serving the people for more than 20 years in the government service and only now its a call to serve in another capacity as he stands on a Barisan Nasional ticket for the Sri Aman Parliament seat. For another group its an opportunity to exercise their voting rights maybe for the first time for some. Whatever it is - everyone has a role to play during this coming General Elections. I will be extra busy with the State Government's 12th General Election Operations Room as we try to ensure that the Election process goes on smoothly. The Hotlines are all there and its really different from the political parties' operations room which monitors the progress of their parties, candidates and opposition. Ours have to monitor everything - from public order (hotline with the Police), the weather in case of heavy rain and flood (links with the Sarawak Barrage and Meteorological Department, all the Polling Centres and Returning Offucers for each Parliamentary Constituencies.

12th General Election Operations Room

YB Yong giving an interview at Curry House Rubber Road

When I was returning from the Operations Room after my shift I saw that the Election Campaign has kicked off even before the official submission of papers. At my favourite roti canai shop YB Yong, the Member of Parliament for Stampin was giving a press interview at the famous Coffee Shop. I believe there will be more of these scenes soon as the election progresses.

YB Alexander Nanta Linggi Wins Uncontested

Looking forward to join YB in his Victory Dance

As at 11:00 a.m today the announcement that YB Alexander Nanta Linggi, Member of Parliament for Kapit won uncontested got around quickly. He won uncontested in the 11th General Election also. Its something that I was eagerly waiting for and I wish to congratulate him for the win!


my votes going to the opposition.

It is time to tell the government not to be too arrogant!

my theory is that, the BN will still win but with a lower majority.