Sibu Riviera City

The Sibu Visionary Team recently organized a Sibu Development Forum on 3 – 4 Dec 2005 at the Dewan Suarah Sibu. Being brought up in Sibu most of my younger days, I was informed by my Director I would be representing my Department to the Forum together with Mr. Chang, our Technical Advisor. Not only would it be chance to go back to my hometown, it also presented a chance to see what is in store for Sibu as she strives to achieve City status. Altogether there were 450 - 500 participants. I was glad to see so many familiar faces there – those whom I grew up with e.g former schoolmates, family friends and colleagues from other departments.

The Visionary Team comprising of (standing from left) YB Awang Bemee, YB Vincent Goh, YB Daniel Ngieng, YB Tiong Thai King, (seated from left) YB Robert Lau, YB Wong Soon Koh and YB Dr. Soon Choon Teck.

The opening ceremony was graced by Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri George Chan, Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak and from the program I also noticed the names of distinguished speakers who came to share their experiences and success stories, one of which is Datuk Tony Fernandez, CEO of Air Asia.

Overall it was a fruitful forum – kudos to the organizers as they made sure that all aspects for the future development of Sibu, that is, to turn Sibu into Sarawak’s third City, are included in the forum paper presentations.

The Gala Night held at the ground floor of the Dewan Suarah was quite something to remember - the food was great and the red wine and beer served was fantastic - there was free flow - that's why its fantastic! The YBs were having a great time and so was I! The Sibu Administrative Team was also in full force inclusive of all the senior officers who attended the forum.

Ball Room Dancing performed by YB Datuk Robert Lau

If I have a wish, it would be good if we can have a Dayak representative roped into the Visionary Team – although the elected representatives within the Sibu area does not comprise of any Dayak YBs, I am sure the Dayaks can be seen as contributing to Sibu’s success story. Maybe the existing YBs can be said to represent the Dayaks in their constituency, again it would be heartwarming to see at least someone from our community in the team (maybe the town’s Pemancha or Penghulu). After all, our beloved YAB Pehin Sri Chief Minister did say in the Borneo Post of 12th Dec 2005 during the Sarawak People's Party (SUPP) 20th Triennial Delegates Conference, "The K-economy cannot be exploited by the natives alone or by the Chinese alone, it has got to be the result of us working together..." in his formula for a New Sarawak. I hope this can be applied to the Sibu Visionary Team.
I visited the Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre at the Rajang Port Authority (RPA) the next day. The whole place was HUGE and the air conditioning was great. I think the place was a former warehouse and its being put to good use - though I wonder what will happen to RPA in future.

There's a model of the future Sibu in the exhibition but I would not want to clog up the blog with so many of these photos. To summarise it all, I do see a good future in store for Sibu.....the leaders are committed.

I hope that the planners, do not forget that in developing a town like Sibu achieve City status, they must make sure that the people of Sibu have the gusto to be City dwellers with the right attitude. Much has been said about having first class facilities but if the people still have third class mentality - we stand to lose what we have built.

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