Lundu Bridge

My baby's favourite song is "London Bridge....." I have never been to London and I would want to go there one day, and catch up with a few friends there. However, last Sunday we managed to go to a place that sounds like London in Sarawak and that is Lundu. Lundu is located at the south western tail of Sarawak - about an hour drive from Kuching (its close to 110 kilometres away from Kuching). Once you reach Lundu, Sematan Town would be 20 -30 minutes away (it's about 28 kilometres from Lundu). Lundu is located at the western tip of the Sarawak - Kalimantan (Indonesia) border. It has the potential of being a tourism attraction area, blessed with long stretches of natural beaches.

My family drove to Lundu-Sematan using the newly completed Lundu Bridge. It has just been completed in the middle of this year. Before this, going to Lundu during the heavy traffic hours would take about two hours when one has to use the Lundu ferry to cross river from Kuching. The queue is usually one hour long. The completion of the bridge cut the one hour waiting problem. With the bridge completed, one just cruise without interruption to Lundu/Sematan and enjoy the attraction there, one which Lundu market or Sematan is famous for - fresh prawns, fishes and crabs.

Below are the view as you approach the bridge from Kuching.

View in the middle of the Bridge. I could not get the side views as I would have to stop and it was raining.

View below the Bridge.

View of Gunung Gading.


Shop lots in Sematan

Another view of Shoplots in Sematan

Beach at Jalan Abang Amin - Sematan

The Jetty at Sematan

At this point in time, I would like to put to the attention of whoever is taking care of the Sematan and Lundu beaches that some form of maintenance is required with regards to cleanliness standards. I have no complaints at the moment - I mean, for those who have not seen any beaches, the place is nice for small family picnics. To transform it into a beach of high standards the cleanliness aspect has to be looked into. So how do I rate the place? If one is looking for a quiet place to enjoy and relax, Lundu and Sematan is the place to go. The tourism infrastructure is not there yet but the chalets there are well equipped for you to experience a comfortable stay.