Say it with Flowers

The Christmas season is here and so are other special occassions too. There are several people who are also celebrating their birthdays this month of December. One tends to get into trouble during these times - I mean one's creativity gets challenged trying to figure out what to get. Hmmmm......what do I get for him or her? That's why I would prefer to give flowers over anything else.

That is where things gets a bit dicey - should i look for violet, yellow, white, red, orange flowers. I was told each colour has its own meaning..... It gets complicated. People say if its all red - that's an expression of Love, if its Orange it means Friendship and the list goes on and on...... Then there are the questions one would get - especially from the curious ones. The florist would ask you "How special do you want it to be?" Ermmm..... I would say, "just make it look nice" Your friends will ask you "Who is that person?" "Why is is that I do not get the flowers on my birthday or on any other days?" Erm... I would say, "you did not get me one last year...." Some close friends would say "Naughty, Naughty" or "You bad boy". Ermm... I would reply, "I have a mid life crisis".
Everyone can have their own interpretations. For me they are just harmless flowers unless you get in contact with a poison ivy!

Ah well....whatever it is - whoever it is, the flowers that you send and the person that is going to recieve it - its between the two of you. The meaning is in the flowers itself - it can be nothing and it can be something. The element of mystery is there, which adds to the excitement. For me, if I send flowers I'll do it when its least expected, and they do not need to know who it's from - I am not good with words (neither am I good with buying gifts) - the meaning is in the flowers, its a natural expression. Say it with flowers :) To all my friends, that's my advice and by the way Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday out there - I'll send you people an electronic card!


Hi Desmond,
Thank you for your greetings. May I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. I will be placing your weblog in my blogroll, soon. Pushed for time at the moment. May all your wishes come true. The good ones. Ha, ha.
Anonymous said…
Hi, merry christmas to you too, and geeting happy new year.