Euro Fun Fair

I read about some fun fair being set up in MJC Batu Kawa a few weeks ago. As there was not much to do tonight and after some convincing by my missus to bring the baby, we jumped in the car and drove to Euro. If I was still a small kid I realise that it would be the first place I wanted to go to. Being a grown up and after the likes of Universal Studio, Disney World, Genting Highlands etc, one tends to drag ones feet but it was an International Fun Fair so why not. Furthermore the kid is going to love it ( I hope). When we reached MJC Batu Kawa, after several eons I have not been there, I was really surprised to see the area so vibrant. You have the 'pasar malam' or night market there and cars were parked alongside the road causing slow moving traffic. As the weather was fine, I parked quite a distant from the fun fair to avoid the congestion and proceeded to see what surprise was in store for me.

Entrance Fee is RM3 for Adult and RM2 for children. That's not inclusive of the tokens you have to pay for the games, rides and facilities.

One Token is RM2 which you can purchase from the various counters in the fun fair - you will need tokens to play the games and enjoy the rides in the Fun Fair.



The Tokens

Hall of Mirrors - 2 tokens per person

Inside Hall of Mirrors

Cousins Amanda Alexander Nanta and Natasha Alexander Nanta

Xenon Ride - 3 Tokens per person

Destructor - 3 tokens per person

Tagada Ride - 3 tokens per person

Swing - (? tokens i did not get to see)

Kiddie's Castle

Phantom Chaser - 3 tokens per person

Pop Guns

Rainbow Game

Rules of the Game

Far West Ride - 3 token per kid

Shania leading the ride

Some big guy(with cap) in a train ride - my daughter insisted I join her

My overall findings: The place is nice and fun if you have not seen an International standard fun fair. I have seen our local fun fair so by comparison, if your kids have been to the local ones, they would love this one. As for us, being the parents, be prepared to dish out unlimited money for the tokens. It quite steep if your kid insists that you join him/her for the ride - for every ride that they take. One ride costs about 3 tokens per person. Maybe its good in a way to prevent long waiting period. If they used the fee structure like in Genting: free rides for Children below certain age or heights you will have to queue up for each of the rides. Or if they impose an 'hourly fee' - the same case may transpire. Last night there was no hassle in waiting for your turn. You can just jump in without waiting half an hour or so. The games were difficult though - I tried to win some dolls for my kid but luck was not on my side.

The fun fair wil be here for another two weeks, so if you have the time, for the sake of the kids, try it out.


Uchu Keling said…
Look and sounds good. Errr.. so this one is without the regular Iban artist nightly concert?
Yeah, sounds like fun .. personally, I hate crowds, so you won't find me there! :-)
UK, Iban artistes not considered "international"! Heheh.