Crime Scene Investigation

Its something that you know is going to happen but you do not know when. You have taken all the neccessary precautions - made sure that the doors and windows are locked - I made sure everything was okay since I moved to my new home. Any sign of your neighbours dogs barking will be a tell tale sign that something was amiss outside. But last night I guess I was too tired to be alerted after many sleepness nights working on my computer and trying to meet deadlines before Christmas Holidays.

I woke up and discovered that the suspect did the most damage to the entrance, staircase and dining room wall. Euqipped with Grissom's CSI Miami techniques and skills I managed to narrow down on a suspect - but I have to find the weapon or tool used. Otherwise I won't have a case.

CSI Evidence found on our living room wall.

CSI Evidence on the stairway wall

Choc smudges found on the dining hall wall. The track is becoming clear.

There are a few more pen marks and writings on the wall but the fingerprints left behind helped to narrow down on the suspect. After watching a lot of CSI series I have become an expert at analysing the evidence. The distintive choc mark was made by small hand prints, and after measuring the length and breadth of the prints they are found to belong to a three year old.

Another choc smudge left behind by the suspect on the towel left behind.

Possible suspect
However the probable suspect has left for her nursery school. I will be picking her up this evening to begin my interrogations. However the missing pen used for the act has yet to be found and fingerprints for those below the age of twelve are not in the National Registration Department's (NRD) database. I think the suspect will get away with it but I will keep my eyes peeled the next time. Maybe install an in-house security camera.


hornbill said…
u crime suspect soooo cute... hehehe...
Heheh, this is just too cute! Mine were caught in the act! So didn't have to go thru the CSI analysing techniques!