Sibu Taiwan Restaurant

While I was in Sibu I managed to savour some of the delicacies and beer from China(I believe the name is King - that is what my friends told me) on a night out with my former Sacred Heart Secondary School schoolmates. The Taiwanese Restaurant was located across the Sibu Pulic Library and behind Telekoms. I could not get a picture of it after I came out of the restaurant as I was obviously a bit 'tipsy' and it was dark already when I came out.

King Beer?

Could not read the words or characters on the tin

After a few cans of beer you would not know what the meat is

Supper served

That's bean curd in tomato on a sizzling plate

More beer - which is yours and which is mine

I stuck with Tiger Beer

Yummy - i forgot to take the Taiwan Special Mee Soup picture before it was eaten - that's how it looks after I was almost done.

My overall rating for the place - airconditioning was good, they can provide a different function rooms to accomodate 8 to 10 friends, like we did that night. They have a variety of menus but I I could not speak the lingo that night so obviously i asked for 'mee soup'. This place is good and clean. The beer is cheap if you know the manager - the meat goes down well with the beer or is it the other way around.

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yup .. that place is nice ... been there twice ... HIC** ...