State Elections Fruits Season

9th State Elections
Duty calls, it seems as I recieved a letter of appointment as an election official (Ketua Tempat Mengundi) once again - this time for the Ninth State Election. It was out of curiousity and my sense of official responsibility that I first participated in the election machinery during the 1999 Parliamentary elections. Since then I have been also roped in for the State 2001 Elections and the most recent 2004 Parliamentary elections 2004, where I was assigned in the State's Election Operation Room.

I feel i would have to start a different blog to relate the upcoming election experience - there are some mine traps if I say the wrong things. I will see what I can do to share the election with my fellow bloggers :). I remember the time I had a work blog, there were too many sensitive office issues that are considered 'official secrets' so let me think over this during lunch. But if this letter is an indicator to go by, it does not reveal when the election date is going to be. The appointment and the training that comes with it for a few hundred others like me, including the election clerks, party members etc etc - I better leave out the spices that come with the election at bay - just read the newspapers. My perspective would be from the official point of view - my experience and the other officials who have been selected around Sarawak. I hope there are bloggers who would be also voting and before you bring the camera in to take a shot of who you voted for, do take not, don't do it, remember Undi Itu Rahsia as the famous phrase go. You may take a couple of memory shots with the various posters or officials outside the voting station. That's all :)

Fruit Season!

I managed to download the pictures of the fruits I bought yesterday and also the dabai sent from our longhouse.

RM10 for 2 durians - yummy. Luck was on my side in selecting these two - sometimes if you are not lucky you get a rotten one or one that is not ready ('mansau' in Iban)

This is how the dabai looks like if picked straight from the tree

Dabai plus soya sauce - or you can add a pinch of salt

After finishing the durians and the dabai, I was sweating all over....I had to take my bath at midnight!


Wilson Chin said…
ya have to think carefull cause this is very sensitive issue ;)
Apai Salleh said…

Durian enggau Dabai

Manahnya Chak

Soooooooooooooooooo hungry just looking at it !!!!!!!!!!!
Uchu Keling said…
Yes... i dun mind to host that blog for you /election2006 in WordPress .. let me know, pal :D