Little Iban Gurl

"When are you going to take her to the longhouse?"

My relatives used to tease me a lot about getting little Shania to our longhouse in Nanga Beguang, Song. Her uncles and aunties used to call her 'Indu Kuching' or 'Kuching girl' which means indirectly a City Girl. So before New Year Eve we drove to Sibu to spend our New Year Celebrations with the family. At the same time we squeezed a day to visit our longhouse in Song. It involved a one hour ride to Semaram through Nibong Tada Road (the Durin Road junction). From Semaram we took a boat ride to our longhouse - half an hour away. It was fun watching little Shania taking to the longboat ride and also the longhouse experience. I was a little shaken by the longboat ride - as no life jackets were provided but my uncle who steered the boat was experienced in navigating along the Rajang River. Not that I am not a Fear Factor material but if your little baby girl is on the boat, you would be worried too if no life jackets are available.
I was worried at first but she proved that she was able to adapt quickly. The longhouse 'ruai' was her playground in an instant we stepped foot on the verandah. She played with her cousins, uncles and aunties. I felt very old then - trying to keep up with her. So it was just good that this little City Girl has now earned that little Iban gurl title just before the turn of the year. I forsee a good year ahead and I wish everyone well.

Getting into the long boat

Our rumahpanjai from the middle of the river view

City gurl strutting her stuff at the ruai

New Village bridge project given by YB Alex Nanta Linggi, MP for Kapit. It reflects modernity as the old bridge project beside it shows the change that is taking place. Though the old bridge has sentimental value as it was build when my late grand father was MP.

Served at our longhose - never saw the beer but had to make do as Tiger Beer was not available

On the return journey, she slept the whole way - in the boat and in the car... must be tired after playing with her cousins, uncles and aunties

P.S: To my friends and colleagues who are looking for me....pssst... I am still on leave people. Be back in office soon :) but not this week.


Uchu Keling said…
Don't forget my laundry machine!
Very modern longhouse! Nice!