Futsal In Kuching

Kuching Bloggers Get Together
This Saturday I would have to say is the most hectic days of any weekends that I have experienced. The evening was more hectic. I had wanted to attend the Kuching Bloggers Meet but I had a prior engagement (Futsal competetition commited earlier with my office) and was unable to find a replacement. So I thought of killing two birds with one stone and try to say hello to one or two of the bloggers before I set off for the game - especially FH2o. I do recognise some of the bloggers who have just settled in at about 8.40 pm for the dinner when the phone rang and our Futsal manager insisted that I went to the Futsal venue ASAP! What the.... so I thought I could just play a few minutes of the first half and join the rest of the gang later. So here are a few shots I got from my camera phone.

The one in yellow must be Kenny?

Futsal At Sportsplanet

I drove like mad to reach the Futsal venue as the game starts in a few minutes time. This is the first time to the venue and I guess I was a bit lost due to the confusing roundabouts I had to navigate through - it was about 9 p.m and the road signs were pretty hard to read. I was impressed by the Sportsplanet venue. It was very modern and the set up was of International standards. Details of the place, rates and time of play are available at Sportsplanet Website.

Impressive advertisement banner at outside the Sportsplanet Futsal Venue near the old Express Wharf at Jalan Semangat.

The goalie that leaked in so many goals that I lost count

The State Planning Unit's Team - from left: Julin, Fidelis, Laga, Me, Daniel,Tahir, Rahiman and Lau

Anyway I had to miss the whole bloggers meet as the game ended only near midnight - and when I drove back to Hornbill at about 11:40 no one was around anymore. My body was aching like I had ran a marathon. But the whole thing was fun - the playing surface was all paraquet and not cement so you don't mind flying or sliding on it.

Hopefully the next time around I will join the Kuching bloggers' meet when they organise it again. Congratulations to the organisers and congrats for the SPU Team also - coz at that night we managed to do some talent search for our new scoccer team. With the Sarawak Soccer Team resurgence now and the impending World Cup Fever 2006, everyone is talking about soccer now.


silveraven said…
*lol!* that's one embarassing pose of myself in your picture!! hahha!
Unknown said…
I completely forgot about the meet! Anyway, in hindsight, maybe it's for the better. 22 people is a huge crowd.

I like smaller gatherings.
Francis Ho said…
woah!! u were there???
parking must have been a challenge ...
how could u miss the tallest n most handsome person there!!! kekeke

we'll catch up for coffee or makan one of these days! ;o)
silver: i could have use my brick camera

mac: we join fh2o next time around and here of his kayaking exploits

fh2o: Parking was very very bad. That delayed me a lot in getting to Hornbill on time to stay longer...I did see some tall chap like you there next to the table with western tourists but still not sure coz u look younger that night... catch up with u during Chinese New Year?
Wilson Chin said…
what!! u were there??? OMG!!!
Francis Ho said…
pl feel free to drop by CNY.
u know fellow blogger, Vynne, rite? his fren who knows my place is droppin by w/ him - so perhaps u can join 'em. cheers!