*HiC* 2006

The new year for us in Sibu is a slow starter. My family has an unusual way of celebrating and closing the New Year. We choose the last week of the year 2005 to start countdown and the first week of the year to celebrate the change of the year. It has become a tradition really. But I am still recovering from the Christmas 2005 aftermath of overconsumption of party drinks. I have to agree that its not really good to drink too much but in the presence of many, especially family members whom you get to meet once a year, the amount 'feels' negligible as you are catching up with lost time (and drinks) - even after you take a hundred glasses you will always wonder why the other guy, who is drinking as much as you, is still standing.

We would toast good luck to everyone in the family, and wish each other good health. I will stay away from teh tarik until someone someone can refute the recent medical expert's claim that teh tarik can cause stroke. Though our Health Minister disagrees - I have to reason that one is a medical practioner while the other one (even though a Dr.), is a politician. So its an end to the long holidays.... the drinks however has not slowed down my blogging as I missed a few days. Its more because our home Internet connection in Sibu is a dial up account and I noticed the difference between a dial up and broadband. The dial up speed - though it says 52k goes 37k. Unlike the wireless broadband in Kuching which says it will run 512k but goes half that speed its still considered fast so I thank God I have broadband.

I know there won't be a substitute for the things that has happened during this past two weeks - it will become sweet memories and painful hangovers.

What's flowing in my system now - I took a photo to just to remind myself:

The flow

Scottish King Robert - we sent him packing back to Scotland!

I forgot why I took this photo

So its work next week and I have been told that our office would be having a reshuffle!! I don't know where I am heading in the office but my colleagues (though they could be joking) have been sending me SMSes hinting that I would be redesignated as a Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the office - my wife joked that its equivalent to a Guest Relations Officer (GRO). Well, with all the training I had with King Robert *hic* it may fit nicely.... *hic*... see how it goes..... Ouch this hangover!


Uchu Keling said…
So.. what is your new position?
13 Jan 2006 we will have a meeting on it.