Diesel and Security

It was quite a lovely evening when I took a leisurely drive back home from work in Kuching. You get to see a lot of interesting things and activity along the way - if you are more observant you will be able to see things that you normally brush off as 'a small matter'.

Here are a few that I manage to observe with great interest.

The van, the containers and the diesel

It would be a good idea if I can turn this into a 'describe the picture' contest but I don't have the prize money to give away to the winner. So I will try my best to 'guess' what is happening here. We have someone pumping diesel into several large plastic container (probably 10 - 15 litres) at one of the Shell station in Kuching. There are about 15 to 20 of those containers at the back of the van. So if all the containers are filled the van will be having around 225 litres plus of diesel. They were wary of my presence at first as I was filling up my car tyres air. Being like any normal or not so normal citizen, I just shrugged off whatever it is they are doing. They could or could be doing some innocent transaction. So what? If its not - then we could be on our way to another diesel crisis; buses won't have enough diesel to move around in the City, taxis on diesel will be grounded, construction in the City will come to a standstill as the vehicles carrying the materials will also be stranded. So it doesn't matter much right? I silently took the picture (minus the flash) to remind me of the interesting economic activities that take place in Kuching. More will come.

Security in Banks

Another place we usually go to is to the Auto Teller Machine (ATM). Ever notice that various banks now have the latest ATMs. That's very impressive - you get to do a lot of wonderful things on those machines. Watch out for the security camera - they have you on tape. You will always wonder what the camera is recording. But have we ever noticed the guards that man the ATMS or banks? How high tech are they? You will always wonder if anything happenes to you while doing transaction at the ATM Machine will the guard be able to help? I was at one of the banks and I managed to pick up this particular guard who was concentrating on his dinner (packed food). He could not care less who was coming in and out. Gathering from how he looks, I would say he is in his late 50s or older. This seems to be the same in most of the banks I see - the guards are there just for the sake of being there. And they are usually very elderly people who should be resting at home. If some thugs who look like those wrestlers in Wrestle Mania come in to rob the bank, I don't know how this man will prevent them from succeeding. Maybe that mop on the floor is actually a secret weapon that can transform into an AK 47 submachine gun.

Notice the Security Camera on the ceiling, above where the guard is having his dinner. You would have guessed that the camera is there to make sure that the guard gets the right diet everytime he takes his meals. It seems to be there to record the amount of calories thier security guards are taking for their meals to ensure that they have enough energy to chase someone who runs like Carl Lewis, the US sprint champion, if the guy with that speed, should rob the bank.

That's the state of how things are here at the moment. We cherish the peace and calm in Sarawak. There's plenty of diesel to run those generators that light up the City and we can afford to have fragile guards because the bank robberies statistics here are almost zero compared to modern Cities and Towns. Over in West Malaysia, I would say, the Security firms have to hire former Commandos and Special Forces to become Security Guards (correct me if I am wrong). I wonder what will happen if those high power bank robbers suddenly decide to migrate and do business here. I don't mean to be sarcastic - but sometimes if you happen to be there and see what you are not supposed to see, just ponder over it.


Uchu Keling said…
Excellent piece of reporting.. I always wanted my good internet friends to be an online journalist. That diesel pic could just be an evidence in court.
If they know who is reporting them and want to bash me up i will hire that bank security guard to be my bodyguard.