Legal Year 2006

The Sarawak Legal Year 2006 saw a ceremonial march of Honourable judges and lawyers in Kuching from the Dewan Undangan Negeri building to the Kuching High Court being held this morning. There is a blog about this by Miracle8 at Blogdrive for the 2005 ceremonial walk. From the way its written I would say she's a lawyer herself so I leave it to you all to go to that link and see what is written. I do not want to infringe and copyright laws - remember that I am dealing with a lawyer here and the pictures taken are full of lawyers and police personnel. They can lock me up and throw away the key if I say the wrong theing.

One thing that also made me wonder is that the Kota Kinabalu High Court has its own website. I tried to Google Kuching High Court but I could not get any hits. Hmm....... ooppsss....keep my mouth shut one....

The banner at the Kuching High Court

The Royal Malaysian Police band leading the ceremonial march

The procession was led by Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Steve Shim

These are our guardians of the law - legal system

We have that many lawyers

Justice Shim leads followed by the Sarawak State Attorney General J.C Fong and the Federal Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail

Front view of grand looking new Kuching High Court

Raising of the flag

Reading of the 'Ikrar'

Entering the court - I would not want to go in here for the wrong reasons :)

Where the Honourable judges will be sitting

Lawyers in full gear

The lady lawyers with the gentle touch I hope

Proceedings about to start

Posing for the camera

So as mircale8 pointed in in her blog, this ceremony was only revived last year 2005 to reflect the importance of the judiciary arm of the Country and State. These are the people we turn to when we feel that injustice has been done to you - besides your best friend. Unless your close friend is a lawyer.... So, again, I would not want to say too much in the blog lest these men and ladies in black will try to dig some historical cases or precendent back to James Brooke time which would put me in big trouble, or they will cite me for contempt..... :) also do note that the court has its own terms when they talk to one another in the legal atmosphere, so be very alert and pretend to be knowledgeable, coz you never want to say the wrong thing and get jailed for it Also never laugh as I did when I attended one session when the judge keeps knocking his table with that hammer... I accidently did because it was my first time in a real life court (its different from the ones you see in the television or the movies), I thought the way he knocked it while trying to calm the court was funny....... If the judge says 'Order in Court!" Don't say "I'll have a Teh Tarek Your Honour"..... Court is adjourned!


Waahh, didn't realize there are that many lawyers in Sarawak!
The chinese guy on the left in the the 2nd bottom pic looks like Lim Siew Huat from Miri .. dunno lah, not sure.
NSDS3HvLDjJd said…
Hello there desmond. Regarding your comment in my blog, here's my response:

Yeah, MAS plane. There are some very good aerial photos, and because I turned my cam off too early last time I miss an aerial view of Unimas.
Wilson Chin said…
The news also come out at Borneo Post today.
Puteri: I don't suppose I can add the lawyer jokes? They will be really after me if I add that in my blog.

Colonel: Yeap - i saw the comment in your blog - thanks

Wilson: I was running with the Tribune and Borneo Post reporters :)